Face Facts

20131127-165735.jpgIt’s time for The West, or America at the very least, to face facts: our collective Enlightenment beliefs of universal justice and personal autonomy are threatened by the very forces they unleashed: technological progress.

Life is paradox.

Same as it ever was.

Travel Writing In The Era Of Social Media

In July, on the advice of a friend here in Austin, I submitted a panel idea for SXSW Interactive 2010.

The good people who review such things for SXSW informed me today that it’s qualified for the final round in the decision making process.

The final round is up to you. Voting will commence Monday, August 17.

This is something I would very, very much like to do.

So, come Monday, get your clicks ready. Tell your friends. I will need all the votes I can get.

Fighting The Good Fight, No More

I’ve given up fighting the whole, “I refuse to Twitter thing.” I created an account and will be doing so from here on out. It seems a pointless thing, for the most part and most of the time. That being said, I had a long conversation with a guy who runs an SEO/internet advertising shop here in Austin. His reasons for doing so–twittering–were compelling. The reasons he gave me for doing so, at the time, seemed to be as well. We’ll see.

Austin culture is so extremely hyper-connected, but so disconnected from reality sometimes I have to laugh.

But I relent all the same.