Quake In Papau

My Favorite Palm Tree in the Wolrd!No, I wasn’t any where near the earthquake in Papua. That’s like thousands of miles away from where I am. But damn, I miss Toba already. I left this morning. I didn’t want to leave. And I will return. I don’t know when but I have a project in mind with regards to Toba and the Batak people.

I took some photos on my iPhone on the way back into Medan. There was a massive landslide on the road out of town and traffic was blocked for a few hours until they cleared one lane. My mini-bus was built to seat nine, but there were seventeen of us in it, including an adorable little girl next to me.

I took some photos of a rubber plantation owned by Bridgestone. Real rubber trees. How cool is that? And I took two photos of a small town flooded by the local river but still going about business as usual. I admire the Indonesians. They have fortitude and toughness, but are amazingly kind.

As I the ferry pulled out from my guest house the whole family was there waving me good-bye. It brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been to some special places, folks, but Lake Toba? It’s the greatest place I’ve ever been. Hands down. Beats them all. I don’t know if it was the people, the island, the scenery, the coffee or something in the air. But a piece of my heart is still there and always will be.

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