WoGE #300

Ron Schott’s Kerguelen Islands were full of strange south Atlantic colors, but today we have very little color if at all. Please included the latitude and longitude of the geologic activity and a brief description of what’s happening in the photo.
WoGE #300

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  1. Peter L

    33.31° N / 106.27° W: Carrizozo Malpais, a spectacular 68 km long lavaflow in New Mexico, it consists of alkaline to transitional olivine basalts and is one of the largest of its kind in the world. This flow, along with the Broken Back flow, constitute the Carrizozo volcanic field, which was produced by a couple of cinder cones eruptions in the northwest part of the flow not longer than ~5200 yrs ago, as suggested by cosmogenic 36Cl dating. More info at geoinfo.nmt.edu/tour/landmarks/carrizozo/home.html.

  2. Peter L

    Forgot to mention: the lava flow is in the middle of the Rio Grande Rift, of which extension probably caused the upwelling and melting of the sub-lithospheric mantle. The Capitan lineament, a trans-crustal weak zone, facilitated the transport of magmas to the surface.

  3. Matthew

    This is the south end of the Carrizozo Malpais lava flows in the State of New Mexico. The picture is centered at about 33.314N 106.270W and is rotated so that North is at the bottom. This image shows the longer of two overlapping basaltic flows that originate from an inconspicuous cinder cone far to the Northeast. The Carrizozo Malpais has a a total length of 75 km and estimated volume of 4.3 cubic kilometers. It is believed to have formed as the result of a long duration eruption that produced tube-fed lava flows similar to those created by the current eruption of Kilauea in Hawaii. Because the flows are so well preserved, they were once thought to be only 1000 to 1500 years old. However, more recent research suggests they were formed about 5000 years ago. All the technical details are discussed at http://geoinfo.nmt.edu/tour/landmarks/carrizozo/home.html.

  4. admin

    And Peter L is our winner and will be hosting WoGE #301! Awesome efforts to both Matthew and Peter L!

  5. Peter L

    How did you decide who’s the winner?

  6. admin

    There is a timestamp to each comment. Yours came in at 1033 and Matthew’s came in at 1111am.

  7. Peter L

    WoGE#301 is now posted. It’s a free run, so hurry up & enjoy!

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