Maybe I wasn’t paying attention. Or maybe it just happened that suddenly. The last time I was in Austin was August 30. I went down to San Antonio to see my father for a few days, hang out, catch up, eat some fresh drum and speckled trout from Baffin Bay.

It’s still frightfully hot–101* today and 100* yesterday. It’s not going to abate any time in the next ten days, either.

But while I was outside a few moments ago, watering and feeding the birds I saw it: there was an edge to the light, just the hint of the equinoctial: the blue a bit bluer and the clouds running across the sky with an almost mirror-like reflectiveness.

Gone was the bleached out, fiery, white-washed sky.

It’s the kind of light that reminds me summer is almost over and that cool air will begin arriving from Canada soon.

For that I am grateful.

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