What Day Is It?

View From My RoomThe inimitable rhythms of Toba have set in, father being infected this time. (I was infected back in 2008.)

Just like 2008 I keep repeating Yeats’ “Lake Isle Of Innisfree,” and the bee loud glade where lake water comes lapping low.

Today I casually mentioned when he thought we should leave.

“Never,” he replied.

I’ve done nothing today. I plan on beating my single day record for nothingness tomorrow. I am going to sit in the same chair for nine hours and just watch sun arc across the sky, the leaden clouds drift and the bleached white egrets fly by. I’ll watch the moods of Toba, from chocolate blue in the morning, to teal green in the afternoon, to gun-metal gray at dusk. I’ll eat. Drink fresh roasted Sumatran coffee and generally do one thing, the one thing any of us can really ever do right: exist.

And yes, I heard the whisper on the wind today. I know what it’s saying now, but I’m not telling you–you’ll have to come find out for yourself.

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