What Is The Constitution Of Money?

Take a moment and think about what money is. Then take a moment to recognize that there is a constitutional structure behind the medium of exchange we call ‘money.’ It may seem an esoteric question. Trust me, it’s not. We have built the structure of money just as we have built skyscrapers and roads and armies.

Much of our lives are centered around economic activity and the medium of exchange we use for that activity, so why not ask fundamental questions about the origins and meaning of money just as we do the origins and meaning of illness? It seems there is much more mythmaking when it comes to money than bacteria, viruses and the like. Give this podcast a listen. I do believe this might be the single best podcast George has yet run.

2 Responses to “What Is The Constitution Of Money?”

  1. RayS

    I’ll wait for her book, tho it will be slow reading if she writes like she talks. I was not able to get thru the whole thing. :-(

  2. Sean Paul

    You’re not the only person that’s told me that–it was a bit of an esoteric discussion. I guess I spent too much damned time in finance. :-(

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