Homer Explains How We Ended Up With Kim Kardashian

The Homeric texts–the Iliad and the Odyssey–are foundational texts regardless of how Westerners feel about them. They are much like the Ramayana or the Mahabharata in that they are troubling reminders of a past when violence was glorified. (The present, for argument’s sake, has amazingly subtle ways of justifying violence while simultaneously condemning it.)

So, let’s think for a moment what the larger, meta issues, of the Homeric texts are?

It’s okay to be a colossal douche bag so long as you’re good at killing (Achilles)?

But, if you’re an Asian, even if you’re a dutiful son, honorable husband and loyal brother, you’re going to die a horrible death and have your body dishonored after death (Hector).

Of course it’s also okay to while your way across the world for years and abandon your wife and son. Moreover, it’s okay to murder your wife’s maids as a way of torturing them to make sure she has remained chaste while you were gallivanting across the globe screwing just about any witch, woman or whore in your path (Odysseus)?

No wonder Western Civilization is fucked.

We took a wrong turn at the very beginning and now we’re stuck with Kim Kardashian.

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