What’s Really Warming The World

Jokulsarlon in Iceland; 2007.Arguing the factual basis of anthropogenic climate change with its opponents is like cutting the head off a hydra: state one factor clearly and two more objections appear magically out of the ether, leaving you frustrated because the opponent never provides evidence to dismantle your carefully marshaled facts. It’s only knuckle-dragging dead-enders, but there are a lot of them, yet.

For example, “greenhouse gasses are the largest contributor to anthropogenic climate change (henceforward ACC),” you the responsible citizen argue.

Your opponent replies, “but it’s the solar super cycle! The Earth has been warming and cooling for eons.”

You reply, “sure, that might contribute a bit but no where near as exhaustively as carbon emissions.”

Your opponent is too dim to note the pun you just made, by the way. Your opponent then says, “it’s volcanoes!”

You just smile, as volcanoes spew ash and ash acts as a coolant.

Your opponent then blurts, “it’s the Earth’s axis, you know, the wobble, that drives long term climate change.”

At this point you’re frustrated and trying to remain amicable. You wish you had a ready made tool that could graph all these objections versus carbon emissions.

Well guess what?

Now you do.

You’re going to like using this. It’s helpful and it’s important.

I personally sense a bit of a change in the issue, even here in Texas, so push foward! It progress of a kind.

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