Swimwear Fail

Bahia NavidadA short tale is in order to give you an idea how serious the water and currents are here. It’s one thing to sit on the beach and watch the surf come rolling in, watch the swell rise up the beach for half a kilometer and down it for another two hundred yards. It’s another thing to see the curl begin down the beach and then hear it break. It’s like the roar of fifty diesel engines revving up all at once. And then to see a semi-swell crash right into the wave that just broke, sending spray twenty feet up into the air. Seeing the turquoise waters turn into a raging froth of white is viscerally powerful.

But this morning while out in the surf I missed a wave. Again! My board jackknifed into the air. I was too busy trying to fight the undertow and trying to miss the incoming projectile to realize that the water had ripped my shorts clean off.

Talk about hysterical!

Thank God–she does have a wicked sense of humor, however–Reyes was close at hand. He promptly went to get me some new shorts.

“It’s happened to me before, g├╝ero,” he told me. “You’re lucky I’m hungover. Otherwise I’d make you do it.”

Like I said, God has a sense of humor.

All in a morning’s work, no?

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