The Case Against Texas in The BCS

The Texas Longhorns won against the Nebraska Cornhuskers yesterday. I confess, I was rooting for the Huskers in the hopes it would throw the whole BCS scheme into chaos. I nearly got my wish. With only seconds left, and Texas behind, an oblivious UT quarterback Colt McCoy almost lost the game through time mismanagement. After the play it appeared as if time had run out and Nebraska had pulled off an incredible upset.

The play was reviewed and one second was put back on the clock. Enough for Texas to score a game winning field goal.

The results of the game–McCoy’s anemic play, Texas’ terrible offense, and Nebraska’s intensely smart defensive play the entire game–reinforce my year long claim that Texas is–and has been–overrated. And I’ve been skewered by my friends here in Austin for that. Such are the wages of fandom, I guess.

The real game yesterday was between Florida and Alabama. Alabama had the toughest schedule of the year, beating a total of five ranked teams. (Florida was overrated as well. As was Tebow, although the media loves to fawn over his incessant PDRs.) Florida only beat one ranked team all season (#4 LSU). Although the Gators destroyed both Troy (56-6) and Florida International (62-3). Not to mention Charleston Southern (62-3). Anyone could look good in Heisman rankings running up scores like that. And Tebow did, until he met the Crimson Tide.

And what a season the Crimson Tide has had.

Week one they dispatched #7 ranked Virginia. A few weeks later they beat #20 ranked Mississippi. The next week they beat #22 South Carolina. Two weeks after that they beat #9 LSU. And finally, last night they meticulously beat #1 ranked Florida. There is no question that Alabama deserves to play for the national championship. But Texas?

Texas may have beaten three ranked teams this season: one more than both TCU and Cincinnati. But the weakness of their schedule this year is matched by TCU’s. And, with Cincinnati’s win yesterday over Pittsburgh last night I think there is a stronger case to be made for Cincinnati playing Alabama.

Will any of this happen? Doubtful. Texas has a huge and lucrative program and spends inordinate amounts of money on it. Texas is also a ratings getting. Much more than Cincinnati or TCU.

I wish Texas had lost. Not because I dislike the Horns, but because I detest the BCS. And a Texas loss would have thrown the BCS into chaos. And made the case for a playoff even stronger.

I’ll certainly be rooting for Texas to beat Alabama in the national championship game. Everyone loves an underdog. But still, the season would be better if there were a playoff series.

If a playoff is good enough for the downstream divisions in college football then it is good enough for all of college football.

Alas, we’ll have to wait another year.

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