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  • Unsecured Credit Card Debt Consolidation


    Claire Said:Credit card debt - payoff options?We Answered:Know that your income has NO bearing on your FICO score. The score is only in relation to your credit. I don't think a bank will give you a 25K unsecured loan and even if you found one the interest rate would have...

  • Credit Checks Company


    Eleanor Said: Can I use those checks my credit card company sends me to pay off the balance to that credit card? We Answered: Read your CC agreement. Constance Said: Is it true everytime a company checks my credit score the score will get lower? We Answered: Auto finance is what I do for a living and all...

  • Cnn Bond Market


    Carol Said:If the 10yr bond sells for more does the 30yr fix rate go up or down??We Answered:It's the yield (not price) on the 10 year bond that you should keep your eye on, mortgage rates tend to follow this movement. Agree with the other answerer- Use CNN Money online....

  • Tax Rate On Capital Gains


    Edna Said:Is there Capital Gains Tax on an offshore bank account in Singapore for US Citizens?We Answered:Yes. As an American citizen you are taxable on any worldwide income including if you were not resident in the U.S. You also have to report your offshore accounts amounting to $10,000 and more....

  • Stock Quote Price


    Marshall Said:If I use etrade to buy a stock at .12 will the bid/ask difference effect if I get it at that price?We Answered:The price of a stock is determined where bids and ask's meet. On etrade and all online brokerages you can select what kind of order you want. For now...

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