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  • Instant Virtual Credit Card


    Benjamin Said:i need a virtual credit card that i can fund with my credit card with no link to egold or paypal.instant?We Answered:How about, they have visa amazon credit cards now that would be good. I have a friend that sells on ebay using one of them.Chris Said:Paypal question?Verification?We...

  • Fast Credit Score Increase


    Franklin Said:How fast will/can my credit score increase given the following info?We Answered:Pay off the credit cards completely. A large part of your score is based on your revolving debt to available credit limit. Carrying balances of more than 30% hurts your score. Pay them off and...

  • Used Business Phone


    Ricardo Said:Can a business phone be used as a home phone?We Answered:Many modern day business phones are IP based and they are not compatible with home phone lines. Older analog business phones will probably work on your landline but many of the features will not as they are designed to connect...

  • Compare Credit Card Reward


    David Said:What credit card gives back the best benefits?We Answered:The best way to have "cash back" is to keep it in your wallet. Shred your cards and pay cash for everything. Even if you pay off your card every month (like I used to do), you are still spending too...

  • Federal Capital Gains Tax Rates



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