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  • Capital Gains Tax House


    Brenda Said:do i have to pay capital gains tax if i sell my house?We Answered:If it has been your principal residence the entire time you have owned it, there will not be any capital gains tax.Gabriel Said:If I sell my house after living in it for less than 2 years,...

  • Increase Business Sales


    Bernice Said:How do business set up sales goals each day?We Answered:I'm not in business but my guess would be that they look at previous days, like past mondays and find a mean to get like a base line and then if they've advertised a sale or something they would look...

  • Student Tax Help


    Ricardo Said:Tax help needed for student with lots of status changes?We Answered:you should file your income tax as a non resident alien.Carrie Said:Tax help needed for student loans and finacial aid, on tax refund???We Answered:If any of the grant was spent on other things than tuition and fees, that would...

  • Gift Tax Deduction


    Jackie Said:Monetary gift and tax deduction?We Answered:No deduction. Only contributions to charities are deductible. Plus, contributions to charities must be non-conditional. She can not give it to a charity and tell them to give it to you.Angela Said:Who gets charitable donation deduction when donation was gift to someone else?We Answered:You get...

  • Sears Credit Card Services


    Alvin Said:Questions:>About this company Sears Shop At Home Synapse Group INC.?We Answered:Sounds like a scam bro. You should have that credit card cancelled as soon as possible. They're gonna keep hittin you up and then give you the run around while they spend your money........Bryan Said:Sears Credit Card?We Answered:If you...

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