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Erica Said:

When moving to Canada from the US, does your credit history follow you, or do you start over completely?

We Answered:

Credit reporting agencies such as Equifax, TransUnion, Northern Credit Bureaus and Equifax, only collect information from creditors about consumers’ financial experiences in Canada and is seperate from U.S. credit reporting agencies and vice versa. Despite this, financial institutions may be willing to recognize your earlier credit history outside Canada or vice versa if you ask them to do so. This may involve, for example, requesting a copy of your credit report from the credit-reporting agency in the other country and sitting down with a branch officer to discuss your credit or loan application.

In conclusion, credit reports and profiles do not transfer from one country to the next. When moving to a new country, you will have to start from a no credit profile, therefore you may have to apply for a secured credit card to build a credit score.

Carla Said:

How long does a debt from a collection agency stay on your credit report in British Columbia, Canada?

We Answered:

Here in Canada both Equifax and Transunion purge bad credit line and collections information after 6 years from the "date of last activity".

If your debt is from May of 2003 then it will disappear from the system on May 2009. You would be well advised to obtain a copy of your credit reports to verify that the "date of last activity" is correct.

"...COLLECTION ACCOUNTS: A collection account under public records will automatically purge from the system six (6) years from the date of last activity..."…

Your mortgage broker can confirm the DLA for the credit report he pulled, but you'll want to check with the other credit bureau (if he got your report from Equifax you'll want to check Transunion, and if he checked Transunion you'll want to check Equifax) to make sure there are no other nasty suprises waiting for you (there is a third credit bureau, Northern Credit/Experian but no one really uses them much, it's entirely up to you whether you want to request this credit report as well).…

Good luck!

Glen Said:

How do you receive a FREE credit reoport in Canada?

We Answered:

There are two credit bureaus in canada both have to by law send you a free credit shows you all credit you currently have (credit cards, loans) and all inquiries that have been made as well as if current or some past credit accounts are up to date or have every been late over 30, 60,90,120 days. It does not tell you your credit score or points but it shows you what you need to know in order to improve and see if anything fraudulent has been going on.
you will need to send a photocopy of drivers license or bc id card, copy of your sin or second piece of id with signiture and a copy of a copy of a current bill with your name and current address on it...just ask for your free report and they will mail it out in a week. Your Ad Here

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