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Credit Bureau Dispute Address

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Phillip Said:

How do Credit Bureaus Verify Information when a Dispute is Placed on Account?

We Answered:

what they do is send an electronic form to the lender saying that the person disputes the information. some lenders always immediately reply saying that they are correct, no matter what.

so the credit bureau did what it is legally obligated to do and will do nothing more unless you shove it in their face. here's how you do that:

at your local police department, you file a complaint for identity theft.

then, you make a copy of the paperwork from that and send it in the US mail to the credit union at the address they provide for disputing credit issues. then they'll have to add to your file that you've complained about identity theft, citing this specific debt and address.


Nelson Said:

Credit Dispute?

We Answered:

You can get them at their respective web sites.

Keith Said:

How can I get collection accounts removed from credit they are not mine after dispute with credit bureau fails?

We Answered:

Send the collection agencies a letter asking them to validate the debt. Send them the letter certified mail with return receipt.…

If the debt collector does not verify the debt within 30 days, it is not allowed to continue collecting the debt from you nor can it list the debt on your credit report. Should the debt collector list the debt on your credit report, you can dispute the debt with the credit bureau. Sending the credit bureau a copy of your debt validation letter along with the certified and return receipts will help get the account removed from your credit report.

Robert Said:

Should I take this credit report issue to court?

We Answered:

find out why the person who posed as you and rented the apartment in your name didn't need to show ID or any of that information to rent. I know usually they ask for employment and verify that, maybe they didn't. sounds like maybe you should be going after the apartment complex that rented to a fraud. but i am sure you take legal action.....something needs to be fixed

Shawn Said:

Credit Repair ??????????????

We Answered:

1-I'm assuming you mean they are negative accounts that are closed and paid? If so, they will remain on there for 7 yrs. You can file a dispute with the CRA's and hope the lender doesn't verify. Many times lenders will not waste the time and resources to verify a paid debt. If the debt is newer or recently paid off, it is usually easy to verify though and you won't be near as successful as with older debt that is paid off or charged off.

2-Old addresses aren't harming your score but you can contact the credit bureaus. Warning Experian is one that will not remove an old address or even an incorrect address if there is a tradeline associated with it. Your Ad Here

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Not only is that many difficulties, but the error may also have a negating impact on your credit score. Submitting a credible argument to the recording offices is the first step in the method of correcting incorrect data and raising your score.

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