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Credit Bureaus Phone Numbers

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Harold Said:

Where can i get credit bureau phone numbers?

We Answered:

Everyone is right calling is a waste of time. Even if you do speak to a person, they will just tell you the proper procedure to file a dispute, they like everybody else needs to have "written" documentation.

There is a standard procedure to dispute entries on ones credit report. These guidelines are provided by the FTC at the following link…

Simply follow the proper procedures and you should get this resolved in a timely fashion. I have used this method and have had excellent results in under 30 days

Hope this helps answer your question.

Bernice Said:

Credit Report Questions?

We Answered:

The credit card that you never applied for and G JWL/CBSD are accounts that some one else might have applied on your behalf, and might be ready to start using, beware of identity theft, if some one is getting a hold of your profile and openning accounts, they might really hurt your credit.

Mathew Said:

credit bureaus phone numbers?

We Answered:

Experian Tel: 888-397-3742
Equifax Tel: 800-685-1111
Trans Union Tel: 800-888-4213

Nathan Said:

How do I report a judgement to the three credit bureaus?

We Answered:

You have to be a subscriber to those services to report on those. If you can get a lien against some property then the services will pick them up themselves.

Kirk Said:

Does anyone know the phone numbers to the three main credit bureaus where I can talk to a person?

We Answered:

I have personally dialed these numbers and got to talk to someone
P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374

P.O. Box 2002
Allen, TX 75013
1 888 397 3742

P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022

Bradley Said:

were can i find the phone numbers of those trees credit bureaus. trans union,equifax,experian?

We Answered:

"Trees" credit bureau. Do they lend money to poor Oaks?

Each site has several numbers depending on what you are trying to do. You should go to each of their websites. Your Ad Here

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Why do you waste time?. Send the credit bureau a letter with the details of your dispute. All the customer service person will do is taken a message. You really won't get enhance service or sooner action

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