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Credit Reporting Bureau

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Patricia Said:

credit bureau reporting I'm deceased.....(anyone heard of this)?

We Answered:

Send a certified letter to all three credit bureau's--they have to sign upon receipt. Your social scty number is still active which is proof you-- yourself is still "active" not deceased.
You can include any other bill as evidence (any one can obtain electric/water ect in a name) but a copy of your current driver's license and ssn card should provide proof.

Make sure social security dept has not reported you "deceased"

Only one number entered wrong by some overworked clerk can cause you a mountain of a headache.

Bertha Said:

which credit reporting bureau is used by what company ?

We Answered:

There are three credit reporting bureaus. You'd have to ask each place you plan to buy which credit bureau they use. It really doesn't make a difference anymore cause they share all their information anyway even though they are competitors.

Pamela Said:

Credit Bureau Reporting on an individual?

We Answered:

In order to report on someones credit report you have to be approved through the bureaus. What you can do that will show up on their credit report is file a judgement against them. You would have to do this through your local court system. Its not hard to do and should not be that expensive. That is what most renters who don't pay will have on their credit file and it will be in public records.

Good Luck

Deanna Said:

Can I ask a creditor to stop reporting to the credit bureau?

We Answered:

Ask lenders for agreement to delete this items from your credit report when paying them. I recommend to get such agreement thru credit repair agency, for example this one - Your Ad Here

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