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Three Credit Bureau Reports

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Sarah Said:

What are my rights when I find out my credit union isn't posting my payments to any of the three credit bureau

We Answered:

A lot of small banks and credit unions do not report to the credit bureaus because this way they keep their customers captive.

There is no law that requires them to report. You can call them and request that they do, but there is no way to force them to.

As far as what the dealer told you, they are full of it. Your credit union will report the repossession if you let it go back and will be stuck with the balance due.

Harry Said:

Can someone please tell which credit report website out there provides with all three at the cheapest price?

We Answered:, you get all three free once a year.

Oscar Said:

whats the best place to get ALL THREE credit bureau monitoring?

We Answered:

You can try it is $14.94/ month and you monitor all 3 bureaus and scores

Barbara Said:

bankruptcy question about reporting to the credit bureau?

We Answered:

You definitely send to all 3 bureaus, & yes the re-affirmation docs too. These debts don't disappear from the credit, but will be marked as included in bankruptcy.

Darrell Said:

Do foreign countries have credit bureaus that issue individuals' credit reports?

We Answered:

Yes, industrialized nations tend to have their own credit reporting organizations. You'd have to find out from each particular country about whichever ones they have.

Samantha Said:

Do collection accounts show up on all three Credit Bureau reports?

We Answered:

It depends on the creditor.. Lori O is right, some report to all 3 and some report to 1 or 2, I work at a collection agency and we reoprt to only 2 agencies, experian and equifax, and up until abouta year ago only reported to experian.. if you go to you can view all 3 of your credit reportss for free once a year and you'll know for sure what is on there and can also submit disputes and consumer statements.. . All of the other "free" credit report sites are kind of a scam and end up putting you on a monthly billing, this is the site set up thru the us govt.. hope this helps

Oscar Said:

How do I get all three of my credit reports free? Everything I've tried that says that its free....?

We Answered:

Write the companies and request your annual free credit report. They are required to give it to you once a year by law. Good luck.

Equifax, Inc.
P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, GA 30374

P.O. Box 2104
Allen, Texas 75013-2104

Trans Union Corporation
Consumer Disclosure Center
2 Baldwin Place
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, PA 19022

All of the other "free" sites are scams and should not be used. Your Ad Here

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