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Tri Bureau Credit Report

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Jane Said:

What is the TransUnion credit score good for?

We Answered:

I work for one of the largest mortgage lenders in the US. We pull a tri-bureau merge report, which means we look at all three of your credit reports. For pricing purposes, we use the middle of your three scores. TransUnion is NOT always the highest. Each bureau uses their own proprietary formula and can only take into account information that is reported to them.

Mabel Said:

where can I get a monthly credit report from the three big once for one small price?

We Answered:

Hi D -

You really don't have to worry about even one small price to obtain your first credit report.
However you can choose to pay a couple dollars to have credit monitoring and monthly access to your tri-merged (three big bureau) report.

That's the most recommended approach as most of the high FICO individuals are able obtain and maintain their strong credit score by monitoring it regularly.

I've included a very useful blog below for you to visit that can help you raise your credit score and get a free report as well as regular monthly reporting if you're interested.

Tracey Said:

Experian: Free Credit Report?

We Answered:
At the very bottom of the page it has a "Review Report Again" link.
Or just go here:…

**If you want truly free credit reports, you should go to It's 100% free, no credit card or registration required.
Under federal law, you're allowed 1 free report per bureau, once every 12 months.

Vivian Said:

Does the tri-credit unions have an office within my town (state college, PA)?

We Answered:

you are mixing up Credit UNIONS which are like banks
with Credit report bureaus they are NOT the same thing

Irma Said:

Payment status on credit report?

We Answered:

First thing I would do if I were you is order a report from each credit bureau. You can order your free FACT-Act report if you don't want to pay. Generally the tri-merge reports are incomplete or inaccurate.

If the account is a closed account, you run the risk of losing the whole trade line if you dispute it.

If it is still an open account and your 30 day late was from awhile back, try contacting the creditor to see if they will change it to never late.

Explain why you were late, how you have brought it current and kept it current for x number of years. Tell them that you enjoy doing business with them etc.

Sometimes the original creditor will take a late off. Alot of it just depends on who ends up getting your letter or phone call.

P.S. I wouldn't mention to them how it is reporting on Eq. or TU. Your Ad Here

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