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Which Credit Bureau

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Linda Said:

Is there a way of knowing which stores use which credit bureau?

We Answered:

Everyone is wrong. Especially the person that said Transunion is used 99% of the time. Companies pull different reports based on their prefrences and where you live. A company can pull TU in New York and pull Equifax in TX.

Go to:

You can search by CRA or state.

Walmart card is junk and hard to get approved for. If you do get approved you get a low limit like $200. Best buy is also difficult. Target is the easiest of the 3. Message me if you have any questions.

Also sign up and search the forums. You will find a lot of useful info. Good Luck!!!

Ana Said:

is there a way i can look up a credit card by which credit bureau it uses to rate a person's credit?

We Answered:

Yes you make sense lol

The first link is to a yahoo group that lists cards by many different ways, one of which is what credit bureau was pulled for what card. You can even look to see what cards pulled which bureau in your state. (every once in awhile a creditor may pull different bureaus in different states) Plus it usually gives what the persons score was at the time of applying.

The second link, if you go into the credit forum, many people talk about what cards they have been approved/denied for, who pulled the inq, what negatives they had on the report etc.

Terrence Said:

If I apply for an auto loan at a car dealership, which credit bureau do they usually pull my credit score from

We Answered:

If your score is less than 5 days old, you can use it at the dealership and they don't have to run your credit again. The dealership doesn't decide what score to use, they send your scores to the finance companies who decide whether or not to approve the loan. The dealership wants to sell the car more than you want to buy it, so in your case, they'll use your Experian score. By the way I sell cars, and if you want tips on how to get the best deal, email me -

Regina Said:

which credit bureau is considered the most important when apply for a loan?

We Answered:

Ya but there are two others also...expirian and transunion. Your Ad Here

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