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Megan Said:

Does any one know a work at home job I can do on the internet or by phone?

We Answered:

The ones that aren't scams actually require work on your part - and if you're in need of money soon then you're likely to be sorely disappointed in any of those as well. Most of the legit opportunities out there take time to build - so if someone makes an outrageous claim of income it probably isn't true ( and those that are true sure didn't make that kind of money when they first began ).


Time & effort required - but do your own research on what is best for you, don't take the advice of myself and others as gospel from this type of forum.

I have other ideas that may help - one of them is an online opportunity but another is one that will require a little effort to market yourself - try some data entry for local businesses, many of them don't have the time to do it in-house and will gladly pay someone else to do it. Professionals are a good place to start, lawyers, doctors, chiropractors, etc - they need their "in-house" folks doing other things rather than busy work.

Hope it helps!

Victor Said:

I am looking for any tips to start a internet work from home business legit information?

We Answered:

i wasted so much money on scams but found this free website very useful for work from home ideas and tips. hope helps you.

Larry Said:

What sites are best for looking to work from home opportunities?

We Answered:

Rather than looking at specific opportunities right away, you should start out by figuring out what type of work at home you want to do.

Without high speed Internet, it will probably be very difficult to find a work at home job. But one of the best sites I know with reliable information about WAH jobs is

The alternative is to start your own home business and there are many avenues to consider.

Do you want to go into direct sales or "start from scratch" with you own idea? There are some in between choices too, like affiliate marketing. Think about your skills and interests and how you might use them to start a home business.

For example, you mentioned that you love to garden. One option would be to write an ebook about gardening and sell it online. Or set up a gardening blog and monetize it with contextual advertising and/or affiliate product sales.

Here are some other resources that will help you figure out what's available and what you might like to do:

Free Affiliate Marketing Tips…

Free Tips on Developing Information Products…

Direct Sales Companies…

Online Business Action Guide…
(There is a small charge for this one)

It's true... there are many schemes and scams out there, but if you spend some time researching your options you'll find something that's right for you. Be sure to use your common sense too!

Good luck!

Kenneth Said:

Tips or advice for a Stay-at-home Mom retuning to work?

We Answered:

The work place has changed dramatically since the industrial revolution and feminist movement. Women no longer wanted to work at home, they decided to take a stand along side men at work. Equal rights and equal salaries were being fought for by women everywhere. The feminist movement was said to have begun in the 19th century as people began to adopt the perception that women are living in a male-centred society. These thoughts are still evident today with feminists continuing to fight for conditions which they see to be unfair to women. They observe that in most areas of the world, women still earn less than men on average and also hold less economic and political power.

However, there are some women who would like to spend a large amount of time with their children in the first few years after they are born. The choice between career and family is an issue faced by most women leading up to and after child birth, and this is a difficult decision to make.

Online businesses and marketing schemes make it possible for women to become successful whilst maintaining a close relationship with their children. These mothers are still able to witness a baby's first steps, watch the kids at play school and attend dancing lessons etc. as this can be so easily fit into a routine which can be adapted into everyday life.

The internet is a great advantage for work at home mums as they can learn how to utilise it and make it work wonders for them. The internet is a source of business, and the virtual community allows information and ideas to be made into money. Internet businesses can be ran by work at home mums; these women can provide a variety of functions and services, whilst maintaining their web pages. This way, mothers can still be important figures in the business world and at the same time: carers in the household.

The internet also allows work at home mums to communicate and network: they can connect to the outside world through forums, offering their advice on obstacles and struggles and sharing experiences. This is incredibly important as the nature of the 'stay at home' role implies that one would be cut off from the outside world. But this is simply not the case. The internet is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with contacts and making new ones. Communication in this way will make the whole process less overwhelming and a much more manageable task for the mothers concerned.

Affiliate programs is a term that refers to affiliates being able to leverage their traffic and customer base in order to make money from e-commerce. Merchants therefore benefit from increased exposure and sales. With affiliate programs, stay at home mums can earn two incomes: the first is the money made from her web site and the products she sells, and the other is by providing a link to an affiliates web site. By doing this, the affiliate will pay her each time someone visits their site from the owner's link.for more guide or info you can visit this coaching club go to:

Janice Said:

Looking for a real work at home job..not a home business?

We Answered:

Have you considered multi-level marketing? Even if it was one of many streams of income you were generating. You can also use it to promote other streams you're inolved in and if you're good at it, it's very profitable.

There are some great forums that tell you how you can make money online and give you tips, tricks and answer any questions you have here:

Internet marketing is a great way to work from home.

"The term network marketing (NM) is used in two ways. In popular usage it is a synonym for multi-level marketing and often mistakenly considered the same as a pyramid scheme.

The concept of "network marketing" is often used to describe a marketing paradigm that stresses the interconnectedness of market actors and transactions and can be viewed as the application of systems thinking to marketing. According to network marketing theory other marketing paradigms see the discipline as consisting primarily of dyadic relationships (ie., one buyer and one seller). Network marketing wishes to overcome this limitation by looking at transactions and relationships from the viewpoint of all those involved.

This perspective originated in industrial marketing, also called b-2-b marketing, where multiple contact points are typical. It is not uncommon, for example, to have several decision makers in a company's "buying centre". Likewise, the marketer can be organized into a "selling team". With multiple actors on each side of the transaction, a complex network is created. This paradigm is further complicated by corollary actors like information gatekeepers, influencers, advertisers, and intermediaries. This network can expand over time as more people get involved.

The network marketing approach sees marketing as a system of social networks where the relations between each of the links must be understood, including potential feedback loops, while at the same time, the system must be comprehended as a whole."

Now, here's what I'll tell you. Many people are going to tell you that Multi-Level Marketing is a pyramid scheme and ultimately they're quite wrong. Harvard business teaches multi-tier marketing as they call it and it's a phenomenal to earn great residual income if you're cut out for it.

I think the best Multi-Level Marketing businesses use Zig Ziglar's philsophy in that, 'We can get whatever we want in life, if we help other people get what they want as well."

If you sign up someone you're getting some money (EVERY MONTH) as long as that person is signed up, but now they also have the opportunity to make that money. So what keeps it from being a pyramid scam? The fact that there is a service or a product that you're offering the people signing up, and therein lies the benefits of a good MLM company.

Look for one that is going to give you all the tools and training you need to succeed for yourself, because eventually if you get people signed up, who get people signed up, etc and on down the line you can just walk to your computer in your pajamas and make phenomenal income. Getting there isn't easy, but some have done it and if you join a program that will give you the tools you can too.

If you're interested in a good network marketing company I'd take a look at Bring Your Buddy. You won't get rich over night, but you can get rich gradually and the company gives you all the tools to succeed and most importantly HELP OTHERS succeed. With such a small investment ($10), you have virtually nothing to lose and virtually everything to gain.

What do you get with Bring Your Buddy?

The latest benefit is your own Cpanel Mini-Website so you can not only use it to promote with, but learn how to administer a web host before you spend money for your own.

Our team supplies a template to make it easy to get your first site up and running fast.

You get 15 professional grade autoresponders that are worth $39 to $69 a month if you get them somewhere else, but they are included as part of our package.

You get an ad tracker to keep tabs on what's working with anything you promote and do a little BYB bar ad underneath as a bonus.

You get an audio postcard system to email audio messages or include them on your website.

The biggest benefit is you get to showcase your talent and interest in others to build any other opportunity you want to support. This is huge and the tools are in your back office to carry it off. You can't buy an ezine ad that works that well for 10 bucks!

My team leaders runs a team Ebay Store to showcase your bonus choices, a Podcast to help you build credibility, a Team Forum to keep up to date, a Team Toolbar to stay in touch easier and the list goes on and on because it just keeps on growing.

Finally with my sponsor,you get a technically experienced leader that will continue finding ways to keep our team on the leading edge.

I don't want to advertise - I really don't. I just want to help people and I know that this program does just that. This is a SOLUTION for people looking for one.

Take a look around at:

If it's something you're interested in give me a call or shoot me an e-mail and I'd love to discuss it further with you. Best wishes Your Ad Here

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