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Dolores Said:

I would like to know what is the percentage that I need to start saving to pay taxes on a internet business?

We Answered:

It's hard to give a perfect answer.....Some of it can depend on how much income you have from all sources, internet business and anywhere else.

For your self-employment taxes, you will need to set aside up to 15.3%.

For your federal income taxes you will need to set aside an amount based on your estimated tax bracket - anywhere from 10 to 35%.

For your state income taxes you will need to set aside up to 9.3%.

I have talked to self-employed persons who try to keep roughly 30-35% aside for taxes.

I would always recommend reviewing the situation throughout the year, to see how much money you are making and spending and see what is likely to be the taxable amount. So a monthly or quarterly review to "estimate" what your tax situation is looking like, and plan and adjust accordingly.

Shannon C.

Gloria Said:

Whats your opinion on the best internet business?

We Answered:

I would just like to sort of...recount what another person has answered on here, as well as give my opinion. The person i'm speaking of is the one who mentioned "multilevel marketing"...Here's the deal, MLM works for people that actually put time and effort into it. The Direct Selling Association, as well as the Better Business Bureau, and the Federal Trade Commission all are watchdogs for MLM's...I will not deny that there are people out there running pyramid schemes and all that crap, I've fallen victim to them before myself. However there are reputable business opportunities out there that are low-cost on start up and produce results.
I encourage you to get credible information on anything you look into. And by credible I don't mean goto google or yahoo and search because we all know that just gets you a bunch of people's OPINIONS!!
I personally do run an online business that is profitable and deals with private franchising, so I am bias, but here is a website that will give you some information and some links/videos for credible information...
I will not give out a phone number or personal website or anything like that which I've seen a thousand times on here...However if you have questions or concerns about any company you're looking into please feel free to email me and I'll give you what information I've researched myself. Hopefully that will give you a head start on things.

Dan Said:

What negative effectts has the internet had on business? How can business fight back?

We Answered:

I think it has had a negative effect on some business and opened doors for others. There are allot of mom and pop type car dealers that had a loyal customer base before and now they are closed, just swallowed up by the big mega dealers. Same holds true for allot of newspapers and magazines to name a few why spend $.50 for a daily paper if you can get the info online for free. Business have to do the things that set them apart from the others in the same field, if they don't take care of their customers someone else will and until you earn a customers loyalty, you won't get it. Some places feel the customers owe it to them and realistically it should be the other way around. I think poeple will pay a little more for great service and will no longer stand for poor customer service, they need to understand that.

Jennifer Said:

Who can comment on "Yahoo Merchant Solutions" as a choice to help set up an on-line internet business?

We Answered:

Yahoo Merchant Solutions is the more expensive of two hosted solutions I recommend to my clients. It has everything you need to start an online business, and there's more flexibility with how you configure the online store - the online store tool is more sophisticated than the solution below (Office Live).

Yahoo Merchant Solutions:

The other solution I recommend is Microsoft Office Live Small Business. Office Live is a free service that has an easy to use online web designer tool with templates which allows you to create a website without the need to know how to do HTML/CSS coding. It comes with 500 MB of storage and was designed for small business such as yourself. It is an all-in-one internet toolkit to help give your small business an online presence.

Since it is from a big brand (Microsoft), you can be sure that the right privacy and security policies are in place (unlike many other places on the internet where breach of privacy is quite prevalent). Microsoft is currently offering a free domain name (i.e. for the first year. Of course, if you prefer, you can always use the free provided subdomain name.

To accept payment on your Office Live website, you can either use Paypal (free), which is great because you can accept credit cards, or you can try the Store Manager module (paid add-on) for Office Live. Try it out:

Office Live:


Jack Said:

I want to start a business on the internet!?

We Answered:

If you want to start a business on the Internet and provide information, there are several ways you can earn money from advertising:

1. Join an advertising network. Advertising networks are organizations that aggregate Web sites that offer advertising space, and sell banner ads (and other advertising options) across them. Traffic requirement is often a minimum of 5,000 monthly impressions, although many do not accept sites hosted by free page services.

Burst Media
Fastclick (ValueClick).
Tribal Fusion

2. Participate in contextual advertising networks. Contextual advertising are text ads delivered based on the content of the web page using an automated system.

Google Adsense
Yahoo! Publishing Network (currently in beta and available to US publishers only)
Quigo Adsonar
Commission Junction Evolution
Kanoodle Brightads…

3. Sell advertising for your site directly. This is admittedly a more difficult route for a small business site wanting to earn advertising revenues. But hey, as they say: "no pain, no gain!"

4. Affiliate Programs - you sell other people's products that your audience may be interested in; and you get a certain commission after the desired action was done (whether a sale, a lead, subscription to email newsletter, or however this is defined)

Commission Junction

But you need to have GREAT CONTENT to earn big, not content copied from other sites. Plan your content - who will write it, how often will you update it, and how it will be updated.

Once you have the site completed and you earn some traffic, then you can apply to the above ad agencies and start putting ads on your site. But you need content and traffic

Nicole Said:

I would like to know what kind of business license(s) I need to obtain to start a business on the internet?

We Answered:

Internet businesses do not require a license to run. It is not a day care business or a contractor business or a traditional retail store on Main Street that requires a license.

At most, you just go to your local county to register your business, if it is a sole proprietor. If you are starting a corporation, partnership or LLC then you register with your Secretary of State

Check with your Department of Revenue as you may need to collect sales tax if you are selling online.

How to create a website?

- decide on a domain name
- find a web host company
- decide on how you want to accept payment: if you want to accept credit card then you need to apply for a merchant account; otherwise go with Paypal or Google checkout
- if you will accept credit card, you need to get a secured server or SSL
- decide if you want a shopping cart, then find one that has the features you need

Floyd Said:

How do you protect your customers and your business doing transactions on the Internet?

We Answered:

this is a very open ended question. however I can give some pointers to you to safeguard the interest of stakeholders who are transacting on internet:
always use secure web sites
Always type the address or go from link stored in your favourite
Go for webseal certification for your website, if you run one.
Alert the users who do online tranacation to change passwords regularly and not to share pasword with any site or with anyone.
Never provide information of account no., and other sensitive info through webmail.
these are some of the measures but there is no 100% guarantee that all txns will be secure.
Let everybody be beware! Your Ad Here

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