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Victoria Said:

What is an effective way to market my MLM business?

We Answered:

There are ways to build your business online by creating a website that attracts like minded people. Whether you want to promote your opportunity or share the product that has helped you health. There are web hosts that can help you get it up even though you are not computer savvy. You can look in my profile here. My wife and I have built a website around a specific product in health and wellness. We get visitors to it consistently and it continues to grow each month. The web host that I use also has great examples and tips at…
I would be happy to share some tips as well.


Jean Said:

Have any of you tried Monavie as a business opportunity? Is it a scam?

We Answered:

No, Mona Vie is not a scam.
Jennifer has given some great info on the comp plan. I would suggest that you get as much information about the comp plan as you can before getting started. Don't get involved if you don't have an interest in the product. Business opportunities are a dime a dozen, despite the fact that they all claim to have the best opportunity. It also helps to learn the basics of how the network marketing/MLM industry works before getting involved. It will help you through the emotional roller coaster. I have a link to a great e-book in my profile if you would like more info.

Ricky Said:

where can i post my Business opportunity for free and still get results? Besides craigslist and kijiji?

We Answered:

Try and There are many more classified sites but you will probably be wasting your time. You need traffic and really you need traffic that is interested in your offer. I would do a search for forums + keyword that your business opportunity is targeting. Find an advertising section in the forums and make a thread about your offer. Also, add your link in the signature of your profile you create on the forum. Next move onto social networking sites. Myspace and many more actually have their own forums or groups as they call them. These are great places to once again make a thread and let others know about your offer. Likewise, with your myspace profile, make sure you put your details and info in there so anyone who visits your profile will see what you have to offer. Search for myspace friends using keywords that are related to your business offer and add them as friends. Once you have done this a few times you should have a big targeted list of people who like and are interested in what you are trying to promote. Send them bulletins with updates on how your business offer is going and some other information they mind find useful. Go to blogspot and other free blog websites and create a new blog. Use keywords that are related to your business offer and create a page with information about your offer and how to sign up or request additional information. These are just a few ideas and honestly doing this should get you more than enough traffic.

Billie Said:

where can I get business opportunity purchase and sale forms on line?

We Answered:

I am a little confused by your question....are you looking for a home business opportunity?

If so then check out my profile.

If not....then could you clarify your question?

Eileen Said:

How to go about opening a takeaway business?

We Answered:

you really need to get a copy of the business opportunity profile for fast food takeaways - it will help to answer all the practical and legal questions you have. you can see details here… and your local business link should be able to provide you with a copy free of charge… (make sure they give you the new one tho - it has been redone Jan 2008 so is bang up to date!)

Good luck! Rebecca x

Tonya Said:

How does an honest person find a REAL online business opportunity?

We Answered:

Try the following steps:

1. Consider what you are good at doing that can be used to generate income

2. Set up a profile to network with friends and colleagues at

3. Search and post help wanted ads on and

4. Consider opportunities for partnering with others who are online

5. Talk with an advisor. is free and is a good place to start.

To your success, Your Ad Here

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