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Roger Said:

Can an American buy land and start a business on it in Canada?

We Answered:

And now for the facts.

Yes an American citizen can buy land in Canada, that happens all the time.

BUT, in order to be able to legally start a business in Canada, you MUST apply and be accepted as an immigrant, by the Canadian Government. That process will take 2 to 3 years, and there is no guarantee that you will be approved.

In order to be accepted, you need to have EITHER a University degree, AND some years of actual working experience in your field of education, OR be a certified tradesman in a technical or construction skill , such as a plumber, auto mechanic, or welder. The Canadian Government is looking for the best immigrants, and it is a competition, not a lottery. You will need a clear criminal record , from the FBI, a clear medical examination and chest x rays, and blood tests. and no bankruptcies in your past credit record. A minimum of 25,000 dollars to support your self for the first year that you live in Canada.

You will have to pay income taxes in Canada, on any money that you earn here, as well as having to file US income tax returns, every year that you live outside the US. The US is the only country in the world that expects it's own citizens to pay taxes, even if they live some where else in the world.

Not as easy as you first thought, is it ??

Jim B. Toronto.

Stephanie Said:

if i buy home in canada,can i get imigration of canada?

We Answered:

You can buy house in canada as a non-resident or free hold property but that doesn't give you immigration. For immigration you need to apply legally. There are many ways to get the immigration like
1. skilled worker category
2. business category
3. investor's category
4. povincial nominee category.

Consult some good lawyer and apply for the immigration. Fastest way is business and investor.

Best of luck

Sandra Said:

what steps do I need to immigrate from canada to US & buy a small business?

We Answered:

Seek legal help. You will be sorry if you don't.
You may be sorry anyway.
Good luck.

Jeffery Said:

how to get into the strip club business in Canada? how much to buy or start a new one?

We Answered:

You ask a touch question here adn the answer completely depends on what you truly want to derive from my answer. I tried figuring it out and really have a headache! It has been one hour and I am am stumped!

Emma Said:

Does anyone knows any firms that buy business ideas?

We Answered:

Ideas are "a dime a dozen." In other to get someone to invest, you need a great idea, a business plan, and business experience. Very few ideas these days are bought "stand alone."

Jim Said:

Will Queen Elizabeth buy the assets of Solara Motorcycles of Canada and restructure the business to save jobs?

We Answered:

The Queen is considering buying the assets of the failing Canadian motorcycle company and restructure it to save jobs.

Her financial advisors are against her doing it because they are afraid it will set a precedence about using her personal money to "bail out" a failing business,....however, there are one or two employees she is most concerned about, and may arrange to buy the business through dummy corporations to mask her involvement.'s a SECRET!!! Your Ad Here

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