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Jesus Said:

Is this a realistic business idea?

We Answered:

I hate to break this to you, but lots of real estate agents are also in the loan broker business. Yes, the other posters here are correct in thinking that you'd need licenses for both in most states.

Those of us that aren't in the financing business (I tend to see it as a potential conflict of interest, myself) have networks of people, including money folks, and the only forms of creative financing we won't use are the ones that get you free room and board at government expense.

(After 21 years in the Navy, I've had my fill of institutional food.)

Every so often, someone comes up with a new way of finding money for real estate. Most of them turn out to be some form of scam or loan fraud, but occasionally someone comes up with something that is both ethical and legal, and it catches on.

(When it's unethical but legal, the laws usually catch up pretty quickly. We agents have the single largest lobbying group in the country, and we take a dim view of folks that won't do business honestly.)

Bottom line. While what you are considering has already been done, nothing says you can't bring your own energy and drive to the business and be successful.

But there are no quick riches available. Be prepared for hard work, long hours and your first six months to a year with no income whatsoever, while you're establishing your business.

Nicole Said:

Creative Writing or Business?

We Answered:

Why not write on the side? There is no law that says you can't be a Wall Street broker AND a writer-- I mean, if you were teaching you would be holding down two jobs anyway. There's no rule that says you have to have only one passion or career in life.

Is there a way you could take on a creative writing minor with your business degree, or just take a class or two on the side?

If you haven't read them yet, check out these books for help in your writing:

1) "On Writing Well" by William Zinsser-- This is an excellent reference for any kind of writing. It will make your emails, essays, stories, and other writing clearer. I recommend this to everyone who wants to improve their writing skills.

2) "Bird By Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life" by Anne Lamott-- This is slightly more geared towards fiction writing, but can be helpful when you are attacking ANY large project in your life. Definitely a must for creative writers, students, or people who are looking for an entertaining book on writing.

3) "Writing Down the Bones" by Natalie Goldberg. This targets creative writing, and focuses on the practice of writing. I write a lot of poetry and am working on a novel, and this is incredibly motivational to me.

Lorraine Said:

What are some creative marketing and advertising tips for a new loan officer?

We Answered:

Give the agents a BUYER.

I've been in R.E. sales for five years now, at the beginning it was very difficult to stand out, and get my name out there. Now, I have consistent business because I've diversified myself greatly. What you need to do is pull/order a statistical report from one of the title companies in your local M.L.S. On this report specifically request sales per unit, not volume, because per unit means you've dealt with more families, buyers, and sellers.
This is what you want, a client-base. Choose thirty or so agents that have the highest per unit sales. These are more than likely agents you've heard of. They are successful because they work with many lenders (this is key!). Talk to them, let them know who are you. When the day comes that you have a buyer, send them to one of your agents, they will return the favor one day.
"You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours."

Good luck, and remember, market yourself to the tops selling per unit brokers!

Ethel Said:

We are thinking about selling our Landscaping Business and wanted to understand the steps involved?

We Answered:

Hire a business broker to get a valuation. Offer creative financing. Be flexible on the sale price or terms. Hire a closing attorney to make sure you have everything buttoned down. The business broker should know a good closing attorney.

Good luck in your sale...

Elaine Said:

If I were to start up my own business, what business would be good to start?

We Answered:

The best business will depend on what you want, how you define to be interesting. A person may consider a pet sitting business to be the most exciting work in the world, while you would rather watch TV than take care of dogs. Or someone may say the best business to start is mortgage brokering, but if you know nothing about the business then it may not be right for you

The key is to determine what your interests are, what you want to do, what is suitable for your lifestyle and your overall goals, and what can fit with your resources.

Dan Ramsey in his book "101 Best Home Businesses" has a chapter on how to find YOUR best home business. He suggests these 10 steps:

1. List 5 things you do best
2. List how others would benefit from what you do best
3. Find out how to give people what they want
4. Learn the value of your services to others
5. Find out who else offers similar services
6. Learn from the successes of others
7. Learn from the failures of others
8. Plan your own success
9. Make low cost mistakes
10. Enjoy what you do and how you do it

He then made suggestions on the best home businesses according to type. Here are a few of them:

Best Businesses Using Craft or Physical Skills
- antique restoration
- auto detail service
- carpet cleaning business
- errand/delivery service
- housecleaning business

Best Service Businesses
- bed and breakfast operator
- caregiver
- catering service
- senior day care center
- tutoring service

Best Professional Businesses
- desktop publisher
- magazine writer
- import/export service
- income tax preparation service
- event planner

Some other home business ideas:

Top 10 Home Businesses with Rapid Break-Even Time…
10 Profitable “Go-Out" Home Businesses…
Low Cost Startup Businesses…

You can also check out the following books:

Turn Your Talents into Profits: 100+ Terrific Ideas for Starting Your Own Home-Based Microbusiness
The Best Home Businesses for the 21st Century
121 Internet Businesses You Can Start from Home
The Best Internet Businesses You Can Start
101 Ways to Make Money at Home… Your Ad Here

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