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Floyd Said:

Where can i find the rules, laws, requirements to open a home based cake decorating business?

We Answered:

There are some states that will license home bakers, and a lot more that won't. For example, I live in TX and the only way you can get a home kitchen licensed is if it's not accessible from your living quarters...basically, you could put a kitchen in your garage, in addition to the kitchen in the house, but you would have to be able to get to it without going through the house.

A lot of people who bake at home don't do it legally. It limits your options for advertising a lot, and can be used against you if you have an unhappy customer (if they know you're illegal, they can threaten to report you if you don't refund their cake, etc...). You also can't get insurance for an illegal home bakery. Still, a lot of people do it, to build up a customer base before investing in opening a shop, or in building a commercial kitchen in their home...that way they can see if it's a viable option without sinking their life savings in first.

You can call your county health inspector and ask what the laws are in your state. You can also join the forums at and look in the business section for the thread on states that license home bakeries.

Elsie Said:

I am looking for an honest and reliable home based business. Any ideas?

We Answered:

There are various ways you can make money from home. In most cases, however, you will probably need to invest some cash. I cannot think of many businesses that you can start without spending something to get up and going.

However, as someone else said, there are many scams. Be very careful. It if sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

I have a couple of suggestons. First, join the Work at Home Forum (free). Read the posts there, You will find a lot of information about working from home, business opportunities that are worthwhile, etc. Ask questions and other members will respond with their advice and experiences.

Secondly, if you are interested in selling products on the Internet as an affiliate, you might want to get the free report available at the other link below. The report was written by an Internet marketer to give to his friend. It outlines a 22 step plan for making money online. You will not need to spend anything to get started.

Calvin Said:

Small portable home business suggestions?

We Answered:


As you can see, you'll be getting a ton of offers, (not necessarily answers), to your question. Most of which have little to nothing to do with your question.

Since you're moving into the countryside it sounds like you'll want to be marketing on the internet and to some of the locals as well.

What are you interested in?

Don't try to start a home business with something that doesn't interest you. You will fail AND be bored stupid in the process!

I can't help you much further without more detail, (and certainly not in a public forum), but feel free to contact me and I'll try to give you some ideas.

Best of Luck

Vivian Said:

How to start a food business from home?

We Answered:

Nice information Steve D about cost and getting license to start a home business. As per using online media to sell popcorns, you have several options available as listed below:

1) Post your product description on Free online classifieds.
2) Interact with online business promoters and get the idea to build your own customer base.
3) Search for local vendors who deals in selling food related items and approach with your proposal.
4) Participate in online forums with your queries and proposals to get new ideas for your business.

Apart from these, you must maintain your product quality better to compete in the market. Once you will clear these phases, i bet you will be a successful businessmen.

Dave Said:

Has anybody found a lucrative honest home business?

We Answered:

Honestly having a lucrative home based business does not happen over night. It takes time to build something successful just as if you opened a traditional business. There are several factors to consider also - training, strong support, a proven system for success, a good compensation plan that works for you instead of the company and reasonable Policies and Procedures.

There are also different types... the party plan type where you have to go out and find people to host parties and those that you don't.

I have done both and though party plans pay the night of the party (if you have sales - and I had parties where there were no sales), but you are constantly beating the bushes for new hostesses, new recruits. Some party plans even have requirements that you recruit a certain number or knew people each month. I find that too much pressure and emphasis on the wrong concept.

Other type of home based businesses, ones that seem to work the best are product driven, but you don't have to have parties, tote inventory around, take orders or money from people, hope their checks don't bounce, etc... However, you are normally paid on an accrued amount of sales, either weekly bi-weekly or monthly dependent on the compensation plan.

I wrote a blog about advice for working from home. It's NOT a commercial advertisement for anything I am in, just straight from the hip info I learned along the way in finding something legit that works for me. The blog will help you learn how to search out information BEFORE you get in, some suggestions on things that WON'T work, etc. Also, if you are interested in reading it, please be aware that I make NO recommendations of the ads that the forum places on my page. They are put their randomly and I have no control over the ads. You can find a link in the 2nd paragraph of my profile here on answers.

If I can help any further, let me know
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