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Misty Said:

Where can I buy good anime gifts in Sydney?

We Answered:

this is more for people that know about anime but it mensions the right places

First of all, start with the Sydney CBD. It’s the most landmark orientated spot you can locate easily on a map. The main anime fan landmark is the Queen Victoria Galleries. This houses two notable shops, Books Kinokuniya and JB Hi-Fi.

Books Kinokuniya isn’t just for anime and manga fans, it has a number of items available for every bibliophile. You can also order in manga volumes here that aren’t in stock, and I like their ordering system because it allowed me to locate a copy of Read or Die Vol. 2 which was in my hands within three weeks. Compared to shipping which takes ages, that’s a pretty good service.

Aside from that they have a better manga section than Borders and a decent anime DVD collection on sale. Because Kinokuniya is in the CBD it’s a favorite for urban lunchers who want to pick up the latest One Piece or need that extra Fruits Basket hardcover. I kid you not, the manga section is a lot huger than the corner shelves which you tend to spot first suggests. You’ll really need the reaching stools to get to the Genshiken volumes. Another thing to note: if you like Junjou Romantica or Antique Bakery, Kinokuniya sells yaoi. Yes, this article passes no judgement on those who want that stuff, because no article of this kind would be complete without giving fangirls an idea of where they can get yaoi. Well, since there’s money to be made from otaku girls who frequent the manga section, yaoi is sold here. Last time I checked Antique Bakery manga is in stock, as well as Gravitation and independent publishers of the stuff.

Take a walk downstairs from the escalator and you’ll find the food court. Go right and you’ll reach JB Hi-Fi. Now here it gets interesting. JB Hi-Fi are famous for cheap DVDs and gadgets, but they have a stunning array of anime DVDs on sale, some of which are cheaper than they are in Kinokuniya. On the other hand, sometimes DVDs in JB are more expensive than some in Kinokuniya, so there you go.

Don’t worry, it’s not a particularly intimidating place, and you won’t get looked at funny if you’re spotted in the anime DVD section. Unless you’re in the spot where the hentai is on the day they’ve freshly restocked… best not to stick in that spot too long. (Note to foreign vistors: JB sells Region 4 DVDs mostly. You will need a multi-region player to watch them if you live overseas)

Anime DVDs in Australia are easy to come by thanks to JB setting up provinces in every town (there’s even one in bloody Leichardt now) and there are a number of titles available. Naruto fans will be happy to know that there’s complete seasons of the show available, but at the same time single box sets of complete series like Azumanga Daioh are available, and many Aussie anime DVDs have both English dubbing and Japanese audio track with subtitles. I just realised this by looking at the back of a DVD I bought last week. And who says Aussies don’t care about good translation options? What a country I live in…

Last shop I want to mention which is in Sydney is Anime at Abbotsford. Most people I know can’t find Abbotsford even on a map, so look it up in the street directory index which will help. This shop sells a number of anime figures and accessories, not only that but also non-anime goods as well. The owner is friendly and he has an online store if you want him to ship things overseas (local business plug much?). I’ve heard in several places that people want Rei Ayanami Revoltech Fraulein figures, but can’t find them in their local area. Fret not, Brad, who runs this place, has at least two of them on hand at any one time. Death Note merch can be ordered in here too, in a similar way to the way Kinokuniya does it but slightly different. Brad’s shop site is here.

Well, that’s my coverage of Sydney anime and manga hotspots, hope to see you Down Under soon…

Dana Said:

Where And How Can I Access The Japanese Business Directory???

We Answered:

Find someone that teaches a Japanese business class and they should be able to provide you with direction.

Charlotte Said:

Is there an online phone directory for Yasugi, Shimane, Japan?

We Answered:

I don't think there is any residential phone number directory online for Yasugi, Shimane or anyplace in Japan due to protecting personal privacy.

If you look for any number for business purpose, only the directory in Japanese is here.(I don't think it is fully covered though)…

Alice Said:

What happened to the EV-X7? You know, that electro-magnetic bike, Japanese electric motorcycle, SUMO.?

We Answered:

It appears not to be in production yet. There's some information available on Wikipedia…

but unfortunately the official website is in Japanese…

Robert Said:

Do you prefer Teppanyaki style of cooking or Mongolian grill?

We Answered:

♡Well, I live in Japan (I'm American), and I have had both. I prefer, L♡VE Teppanyaki here in Japan though. Of course in Japan there are many teppanyaki restaurants and they cook any number of things from meats and seafood:……
to *'okonomiyaki' (Japanese type pancake with veggies, meat or seafood..):…
*'yakisoba' (Japanese fried noodles with veggies, pork...):…
So many choices here! I'm originally from California and the only chain I know of is 'Benihana' as well. You can take a look at Japanese Restaurant Chains here:…
I hope you find something near you. (*^o^*)OR, you can always come to Japan and enjoy various types of 'teppanyaki' here! (We even do teppanyaki AT HOME with table top models! It's great!) ♡ Your Ad Here

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