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Dean Said:

what is the best real estate business investment opportunity in today's market?

We Answered:

wow... you want little work but lots of return on investment. That's tough especially in today's market, but there is a great opportunity for you, it's called Self Serve Storage and it has phenomenal income potential with little investment and little maintenance or upkeep.

Once you get your self serve storage units up, people rent them from you per month and you just sit there raking in the cash. Hoe does that sound for little work = lots of ROI? I thought that might grab you.

please visit for more information about this awesome real estate business investment opportunity.

If you would like assistance with zoning laws, requirements, paperwork, hiring construction crew, getting a loan and everything else involved with starting your own business, please visit http://www.BusinessPropertyConsultants.c…

Carole Said:

How do I get my real estate business off the ground?

We Answered:

If it was my RE Sales agent career, the first thing I'd do is leave such a lazy outfit! Ask yourself, "Why am I here? - what does this company offer that other companies do not, and even have far better commissions, sales assistance, training, and much more that makes me both better at selling homes, and richer to boot?"

If your honest answer to those questions actually is to stay, then settle in for a long, hard struggle to learn, and master RE sales.

Should your evaluation be "Go," politely tell you supervisor that another opportunity to learn, and make more has come up, and just leave.

The best salesperson is the one with the most persuasion. The most persuasion comes from best training, and inner zeal to fairly market items to Buyers, and fairly market one's sales ethic to the Seller. Sales is a Middle-person position; it requires the agent to know how to best sell their abilities to the Seller, and their interest in the Buyer's best deal.

Salespersons' who do those two things best are the richest, both in wealth of finances, and in wealth of business relationships.

OKay? Now, where would the best training for RE sales be found? Start with your own Mind, Heart, and Spirit. If each of those areas of you are "Others' best interest focused, you are ready to learn the basics of selling.

Every Seller is first a buyer. If what you want to sell is priced too much higher than other similar items, then you will not sell much. RE agents 'buy' properties from Sellers, to then find Buyer(s) to pay the Seller, and out of that, the Agent. No sale = No Commission.

So, what RE Seller are you going to 'buy' from? The high-market price Seller? Or, the 'fair' market seller, willing to market at a fair MARKET value?

Today is really a tough time to enter RE sales - the homes are less valuable than what many Sellers bought them for - do they want to lose value?

Only the BEST Re agents will make it through this RE Hell, and that means that very few RE Brokers will give ANY, if they can be found, of the RE Agent training YOU must have to stay in RE marketing.

Check the returns for the search I list in the "Source" section. Check each one that looks promising, so you avoid paying too much, or buying one of the RE scams.

Above all else, be sure that you NEED RE agent sales as a career. If you are a little bit unsure, wait, and make sure that there is no other career that you need more.

You may contact me, but I have little else to share.

Mike Said:

Is DubLi a scam or a real business opportunity?

We Answered:

When I was doing some research on this same question I found a website about DubLi. It states that it's not a scam based on the dictionary definition, but a real business where members can make money if they actually put in the effort. There are also a bunch of links to other sites where the same issue is discussed, with small descriptions of the opinions offered in each one. There are definitely some pretty negative views out there.

Sandra Said:

How can I join, or create a network of new entrepreneurs/business real estate investors in NJ or NY?

We Answered:

Yahoo can help. (No, I do not work for Yahoo)

Learn more about Yahoo Groups. I have used Yahoo Groups to create to National Networking Groups for my industry and one local group.

When you meet other potential investors, buyers, sellers, tenants, etc. it makes for a great "intro" to ask them if they would like to join your "Northeast Real Estate Investment Group" (Or whatever you want to call it.)

Most people will ask you what that is and it provides you with an opportunity to pitch your business in a very "non-threatening" way.

Also, look into:

This is sort of a "Six Degrees of Separation" networking tool and is, in my opinion, an excellent resource.

This is a "Smart Address" tool and very handy in keeping up with people as their contact information changes.

(NOTE: I am not connected in any way with any of the above mentioned services. I just use them!)

I hope this helps...


Angela Said:

What is a real good home based business/job opportunity?

We Answered:

This is a home based business opportunity. This company has been around for 36 yrs and is publicly traded on the NYSE. It has the potential to provide you with long term passive income and is unlimited in how much you want to expand it. This opportunity is not for everyone but if you are interested in seeing some information and details go to

Bernard Said:

Is Global Warming real trouble, or a business opportunity.......?

We Answered:

Who's to say what is propaganda and what isn't? Your Ad Here

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