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Russell Said:

Are there good business opportunities in Acapulco, Mexico for american women?

We Answered:

I live in Acapulco and was going to answer a different way. Dani S speaks volumes of truth.
No matter where you do decide to live and possibly open a buisness dont come down thinking its going or SHOULD start right away. Move down , or poke around on a vacation and you will see for yourself. I really dont think ANY answer given in this forum would be correct.
Its VERY different in all aspects than what you are used to. Thier way of doing buisness , the immigration aspect , the competition jus SOOO many different variables.
Come to Acapulco and get away from the touristy Costera and back on the city side of life here and you will see.
I will help in any way I can but for now , comming down and seeing for yourself and talking to your possible competitor's will give you all you need to know and think about.

You know, I just thought about it.....................Go spend a few nights 30 minutes north at Pie de la Cuesta. Much slower pace of life and growing slowly. ( in a great touristy way ). I would love to own a bar , small hotel or store there !
Also the north end ( airport ) is absloutly growing twice , yes TWICE as fast ,as my old town of Atlanta. Unbelivable!!!! so also poke around there as well. I bet there are 10 new housing developments and major 5 star hotels going up right now and lots are being cleared for more every day. I'm thinking of buying a house in the new developments and then renting and selling ,as those puppies are fixin' to double in the next 10 years !!!!!!! Great side of town.

Jonathan Said:

What are some good small business opportunities?

We Answered:

How about a service-oriented business? Either way, if you own a business, you are going to have to sell a product or service. You have to market yourself (your business), but if you're passionate about it, it won't be so bad. If you don't want to sell product, look into some service-based business. Start in the phone book just looking around but always make sure there is a need, like a house-cleaning business would be much better off than a doggie hair-cut salon. You'll only lose money doing something there is no need for.

Thelma Said:

does anyone know of any direct selling or home business opportunities in the travel industry?

We Answered:

A travel agent business is one of the hottest businesses to start from home these days. If you are planning to set up your own travel business, then here are a few things you need to consider:

* Do you need any special training or education?
* Do you want to pursue this as part-time or full-time?
* Do you have family support?
* Do you have a spare room in your house to set up an office?
* Would you require an extra phone line?
* What sort of office equipment you need?
* Do you love this job?
* How much money you want to make?
* Do you have the contacts or know how to make contacts needed to pursue this business?
* Do you want to put the necessary effort into this business?

The answers to these questions will help you draw up a realistic business plan.

Start Up Costs:
The cost of starting a travel agent business may range from a few cents to several thousand dollars depending on your own goals and needs. You may start by becoming a sales representative of a local travel agency. In this case, you need to sell packages devised by the travel agency and earn a commission on each sale.

The other way to start a travel agent business is to become a franchise. The fee, in this case, may vary from a few hundred dollars to $10,000 or more. But this business plan offers several advantages. The most important of these is that it's quick and easy to set up. You can start your travel agent business in just a few days.

You earn more also because you get handsome commission splits, based on the fees that you have paid. A moderate fee can get you 60/40 commission split while a high fee may fetch you 80/20 split.

Theoretically, the fee depends on what you are getting like training, support, etc. Sometimes, agencies charge high fees to discourage unproductive agents. Other start-up expenses may include: business cards, registration with local or state government.

more information in the source

Cory Said:

Free to start, Legit candle selling business?

We Answered:

There are a number of candle companies that offer opportunities.
I personally don't know anyone who has been successful enough to make it a business. Maybe to make extra cash once in a while.
May I suggest this possibility.
Find a candle maker in your area.
There are more out there than you can imagine.
See if you can work a deal with them.
Make sure the candles are not good but great.
Average won't cut it. You have to have a great product.
They will practically sell themselves and helps secure repeat customers.
I have made candles on the side for a lot longer than I want to admit.
Starting around last September I have had several ask me if I would let them sell and I did work something out with several.
I believe the state of the economy was what prompted them ask and to do well.
They sell candles their way. I have no input in that regards.
They sell and take orders. Most of the time it is orders where they don't put any money out unless it is already sold. When they deliver, other people see them first hand and some order. It is a fun business. They all have done surprisingly well.
I expected their sales to drop off after the holiday season. They haven't.
Probably when school is out and we get into warmer weather their sales will slide. If they stay with it, they should do very well going into Fall and the Holiday Season.
They already have a customer base.
If you can do something like this, you will have low initial costs. Dought you could start out any cheaper.
To make a good living this way, you either must have or build a huge customer base or amake them yourself and have a sufficient customer list either wholesale or retail or a combination of both.
Start up cost like anything else and the testing of your products can cost several hundred to start small or several thousand to get going in earnest.
The internet is full of suppliers and candle makers.
Hope this was helpful.

Why Candles?
There are other opportunities that you can get into with a relatively low investment. I know many women who do well in several.
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