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Christina Said:

Look at details for question.?

We Answered:

If the Fed or the Govt. Adminstration were so powerful in any country to arrest recession or control inflation in the face of any and all kind of economic scenarios and shocks, recession and inflation would not have occured in the first place. So, do not have an illusion of all might Fed or the Treasury. The people of erstwhile Soveit Russia and the people of India under Nehruvian Socialst State have already experienced how miserable is the economic performance of their all imposing all powerful goverments. These social institutions like Govts and central banks can do very little but have to show that they are very busy solving economic problems of recession, unemployment and inflation etc. so that the common people do not lose faith in these institutions and get depressed and panicked.
Yes, you have to tolerate the business cycles created by natural mismatch between the aggregate of individual actions on the demand side and the aggregate of individual actions on the supply side all over the country and all over the World. You can only hope that the recession part of the cycle is short duration and less acute. You can only hope that the Fed and the Treasury / Govt. does not aggravate the problems by their actions. But you be rest assured that inflation and recession and emloment gets corrected faster whebn the demand supply factor have a free interplay. In inflation is rising, sooner or later it will start peaking and then falling. If recession is intensifying, sooner or later recovery will start. and expansion will follow. Even the high and rising petroleum prices has to loose steam on its own in the face of falling value of the currencies against which ouil is sold or commercialisation of alternative energy and material sources and technologies. Food prices will also have to go down as the adjustments in resource allocation takes place and productivities increase again. The cumulative earnings from oil sales by oil producing countries will need to be spent and trigger a spurt in demand growth soon for the world economies to benefit from.
Yes, for a score of months or a couple of pairs of years, you and I will go through major pains.
Economic theories do provide for some relief. But the application of economics to solve Worldwide economic imbalances is not a mean task.

Laurie Said:

Phoenix Coyotes are moving to Southern Ontario?

We Answered:

If Bettman doesn't let his big ego get in the way of what is best for the NHL. Southern NHL could easily handle at least two teams. The question is where would it go to? It is speculated to be either Toronto, Hamilton or Kitchener/Waterloo. There are no arenas other than the ACC that could hold a NHL size crowd, not even Copps, but that can be fixed quite fast and many of our arenas could hold the pathetic attendence they get at Phoenix games. If the league doesn't allow this change of ownership they are crazy. I may just stop watching NHL hockey if they did turn it down. Hopefully this will just be the beginning of a NHL franchise migration to where hockey belongs. Quebec, Halifax and Winnipeg are just a few of the places that would be successful. Here is the actual news story of the possible sale of the team.

Balsillie Makes Offer To Purchase Phoenix Coyotes Conditional on Team in Southern Ontario

TORONTO (May 5, 2009) – Jim Balsillie tabled an offer today to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes, following the team’s bankruptcy filing. The offer to purchase the team for $212.5 million (U.S.) is conditional on relocation to Southern Ontario, to become the seventh NHL franchise in Canada. “The current team ownership asked that I table an offer to purchase the Coyotes and significant discussions resulted in an offer that is in the best interests of the franchise, the NHL, and the great hockey fans of Canada and Southern Ontario,” Mr. Balsillie said. “I am excited to move closer to bringing an NHL franchise to what I believe is one of the best un-served hockey markets in the world, Southern Ontario. A market with devoted hockey fans, a rich hockey history, a growing and diversified economy and a population of more than 7 million people,” he said. At the request of the Coyotes franchise owner, Mr. Balsillie has also agreed to post debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing of $17 million (U.S.). Debtor in possession financing is bridge financing provided when a company is in an insolvency proceeding which allows the company to continue to operate through the proceeding in advance of a restructuring or sale. Prior to a final decision being reached on the proposed sale, he called for Canadian fans who want to see a seventh NHL franchise in Canada to make their voices heard. “It’s particularly important for Canadian fans to demonstrate the kind of hockey market we have and the passion we share for this game. We want those Canadian voices who want a seventh NHL team in Canada to be heard throughout the North American NHL market. Canadian fans can log on to to add their voices to the call for an NHL team in Southern Ontario” Mr. Balsillie said.

Canadian fans should go to and sign up to get our message out.

EDIT: Balsillie has made an offer that is far greater than anyone else can match. To match it they must pay $5million more than Balsillie's offer. Don't forget we are in a global recession, even the Canadiens are up for sale. Balsillie's offer will pay off all the Coyote's creditors. The NHL are going to fight it in court and the judge will decide in favour of Balsillie because otherwise the Coyotes will not be able to function in any way and the creditors will not get payed. Balsillie is a business genius and it finally seems he has found a way to get his team and move it to Southern Ontario.....check mate Mr little troll.

Raul Said:

NHL in USA what's the real story?

We Answered:

Dude, I understand where youre coming from, but you MUST be corrected on the Tampa statement--- They have one of the best attendance averages in the entire league.. A 20,000 plus seat arena with MANY sellouts per year-- they always have outstanding attendance-- They are a benchmark for southern U.S. tems in this aspect..

I being a Nashville fan fully understand the scope of the arguement.. Almost losing a team really brings a whole new perspective to the business side of the game even for fans.. Thank god Nashville has turned a corner at the end of last season in terms of corporate sponsorship.. Now I can let my worries of relocation rest for another 9 years before they need ressurecting..
So, why no new Canadian markets-- Probably the Economics of the countries.. Although right now the Canadian dollar is stronger than the U.S. dollar, ultimately the American economy will recover.. And being the epicenter of the corporate universe also means more cashflow going to passions of sporting events..
Sure -- any Canadian city would welcome a team whole heartedly, Hamilton proved that last season when they got a whiff of a possible NHL team relocating there.. Absolute truth-- Canada is hungry for more hockey, and are deserving of more top teir teams (meaning NHL teams)..
But the problem with Hamilton is two issues-- Proximity to Toronto and Buffalo (Toronto mainly).. The Leafs will fight a Hamilton relocation to the death , and that is a shame..
Second-- The man that wanted to buy the Predators last year-- Jim Balsille.. He PROVED he will not be a team player by selling tickets to a fictitious team before entering into a binding agreement as well as using a copyrighted logo for that purpose without proper permission.. Lied publicly to the Nashville city council, fans and Predators organization about relocation AFTER this attempt at Hamilton ticket sales..
In my opinion, He is no different than the scumbags that run the new Russian KHL.. He has good intentions for his hometown, THAT I can respect--- BUT-- He will lie -- cheat-- steal and kill to do it.. Hamilton DESPERATELY needs a better frontman because this guy will not follow anyones agenda outside his own.. Hamilton residents PROVED they loved the game and deserve a better leader to bring a team there..

So, it boils down to money and decent people in the right places.. Put the two together and Canada will have more than the current 6 teams very soon..

And yes-- you do deserve better... All I want is MY team-- good luck with yours..

Derek Said:

Why is NHL management so ridiculous?

We Answered:

This is really sad for the people of Nashville.

I'm really sorry but, like everything else, Hockey is a business and everything is for sale.

Keep your chins up Nashville, you have nothing to be ashamed of. I believe your city and it's politics let you down. Hockey should've been promoted more but it was traded for the sake of some city-official's limo-service.

I am not a Nashville fan but (for THIS hockey fan) it's a sad day.

Danielle Said:

The survival of a brand new republic?

We Answered:

Oddly enough the Revolution itself was a solution. Freed from the shackles of British misrule and allowed to develop resources without interference from bungling British bureaucrats thousands of miles across Atlantic Ocean, encourage to develop their own manufacturing system, the new American Nation was a thriving concern by the turn of the Century (1800). No real experience? The American Revolution was not an uprising of the poor and down trodden but rather a revolt by wealthy merchants disenchanted with British interference. John Hancock and Robert Morris and the Livingstons of New York, among others, were wealthy men with lots of experience with finance and it could be said that they were the 'Bill Gates/Steve Jobs/Warren Buffets' of their age and do not dismiss Benjamin Franklin a self made man whose sage advice was invaluable.
Finally there was Hamilton - - - that mysterious face peering from the ten dollar bill was a genius when it came to finances and soon set in practice a variety of schemes that transformed dreams into solid reality.…
"""You are $1.54 billion in debt. One-half of your board is attempting an unfriendly management buyout, while the other half wants to move headquarters from Philadelphia to the banks of the Potomac. The second-largest revenue stream has dried up due to a customer boycott, and your most feared competitor has threatened you with a duel to the death. What do you do?

This isn't a hypothetical. One man, Alexander Hamilton, creator of the original New Economy, father of our first economy, dealt successfully with these issues (except maybe for the duel part). Why else would you find him on the $10 bill? This month, on July 11, we commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Hamilton "interview" -- the 19th-century term for illegal pistol dueling -- with Aaron Burr. Hamilton lost and was mortally wounded within sight of New York City, the commercial capital. The nation's first secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton created our national bank and public credit system. He coauthored the Federalist papers that envisioned our capitalist economic system. And he left us with seven keys to business success that are as applicable today as they were in 1804.

1. Play hardball Hamilton recommended sending a 12,000-man militia to quell protesters against the whiskey tax in the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794.
2. Turn competitors into allies through partnerships/mergers He aided rapprochement with Great Britain, supporting Jay's Treaty, which eliminated British posts in the Old Northwest and defined U.S. trade to nearby British territories.
3. Trade ego for value in negotiations Hamilton got his wish for a national bank, and successfully got southern states to assume state debt, in return for moving the nation's capital to the South.
4. Cash flow is king Whiskey Economics 101: Hamilton promoted the sale of whiskey. The government taxed it and filled coffers. It issued bonds. When bonds depreciated, people drank more.
5. Never apologize (Well, maybe occasionally) The "interview" with Burr, the vice president, resulted from Hamilton's unwillingness to apologize for 15 years of criticism.
6. Surround yourself with talented medical -- and spin -- doctors Hamilton went to his fateful duel with his physician and personal assistant, who was there to be an eyewitness.
7. Don't be impulsive. Avoid having a hair-trigger personality Hamilton's hair-trigger pistol went off first, but inaccurately, during the duel. """


Lillian Said:

How is NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman viewed around the league?

We Answered:

Most of the players I've talked to over the last few years like the job he's done for both them and the league. The league's articles give the players the chance to veto his contract, and they've overwhelmingly endorsed him each time it's come up.

Take the Phoenix situation for example, I've talked to several players over the last year and I've yet to meet one who thinks the team should be in Winnipeg or Hamilton, and that includes players who are from the Hamilton area or played in Winnipeg (Numminen/Khabibulin).

The NHL is a collective non-profit organization owned equally by the 30 teams, and has three layers.

1) There is the league and it's management team.
John Collins is the NHL's CEO and COO and is responsible for the day to day operations of the NHL neutral of either the players or owners
Colin Campbell, Brendan Shanahan, Michael Murphy, Kristopher King, Kenneth Yaffe, and Benito Ercolani are the League's VPs and report to John Collins

2) There are the players and their unions
The players technically report to their respective team owners, and and are represented by their union leader (position vacant - feel free to apply!)

3) There is the Owners, headed by Jeremy Jacobs (owner of the Boston Bruins since 1975)
Gary Bettman is the Commissioner and reports to Jeremy Jacobs
William Daly is the Deputy Commissioner and reports to Gary Bettman

The way the NHL operates is that it is supposed to be a partnership between the players and the owners, but anybody who knows anything anbout business knows that the partnership is 90% owners 10% players.

When Ken Yaffe talks to ABC/NBC/ESPN/CBC etc, he takes the proposal first to John Collins, and then Collins takes that proposal to Gary Bettman, who then lays it out to the owners. Bettman does not have a say in which proposal is chosen, that is strictly up to the 30 owners. In case of a tie, Bettman would then get a vote. Once the owners choose a proposal, it is up to Gary Bettman to tell the world what that proposal is. Clarence Campbell was the last NHL Head who actually voted on anything, and in the 6 team NHL he voted often as Chi/Det/Bos always voted against Tor/Mtl/NYR.

What it all boils down to is that the owners make the decisions on how the league is run, and aside from a few items where the NHLPA has a say (revenue sharing and rules) the person who takes those decisions to the world is Gary Bettman.

When a team goes up for sale, it is the responsibility of the existing owner to find a buyer that is amenable to the rest of his partners. Since the rest of his partners also have day jobs (there are no NHL teams owned by individuals who only own a hockey team), it becomes the responsibility of the owners representative (Gary Bettman in this case) to mediate the process. As with most business dealings, these people like to keep things private. So, just because the fans didn't hear about Bettman getting Barry Shenkarow and Global together in an effort to keep the Jets in Winterpeg, doesn't mean it didn't happen.

Bettman has encouraged the owners to look for revenues in ways that they didn't before. He has been able to use his connections to market the league with groups that in the pre-Bettman era wouldn't have touched hockey. He has encouraged the owners to be more consistent in their day to day operations and record keeping (the NHL is the only league which is unable to provide a complete statistical history because prior to Ziegler taking over in 1977, there was no requirement for teams to provide data to the league). All of this information has helped the league increase it's revenue in every year since Bettman took over (aside from 2004-05) and made the players and owners oodles of money. The players like money, and like that. Prior to the 1994 CBA, the players had no say in revenue sharing and very little say in rule changes, Bettman convinced the owners that the players were the face of the game and needed to be consulted. The players like that as well.

Yes, there are some players (like Chelios) who have a problem with him (at the time of Chelios' comments, he was in the top 5% of the league's pay scale - it's not like he was going broke or destitute because he missed 4 months of hockey), but for the most part, the players support the commissioner and the owners.

BEST ANSWER HERE - He better be COMPLETELY Biased to the owners, not just "mostly"...he's employed by the owners, not the players

1) the Conference and Division name changes were announced by John Ziegler at the 1992 Draft and at the 1993 All-Star game, Gil Stein showed off the new All-Star uniforms. People like to blame Bettman for that because the change took effect the year he started

2) Bettman didn't cause two lockouts, the owners caused two lockouts. If you had been hired as commissioner, you would have supported the lockout too....because if you didn't, you would have been fired. Bettman was hired on the basis that he would support the owners in case of a lockout, all candidates who weren't going to do that, were no longer being considered.

Susan Said:

Why not move Coyotes to Ontario?

We Answered:

First of all, the NHL (as is the NFL and MLB) a non-profit entity. The NHL itself has no revenue, and makes no money. The 30 members of the entity do. So no, the NHL is not a business based on both it's Canadian and American documents of incorporation

Why not move the Coyotes to Ontario? Because that is not in the best interests of the NHL. Moving another team into Canada will result in a decrease in revenue for the 6 Canadian teams as neither CBC or Rogers SportsNet would increase their TV deals (CBC is not permitted to do it as it's a Crown Corporation, and RSN stated that they would not do it because the money isn't there).

Second, nobody that the NHL is interested in has chosen to buy an NHL team and move them here. The NHL is not interested in Balsillie due in part to his untruthful dealings with the NHL over the Penguins and Predators deals and his deal with the Ontario Securities Commission to avoid jail time over the illegal back-dating of options.

Third, the myth that the majority of the NHL's revenue comes from Canada. In February 2007, Toronto Star reporter Kevin McGran reported that the Canadian teams generated 33.3% of the NHL's revenue (a long way from 50%). Great....when the dollar is at or above par as it was at the time. The year before the lockout, Canadian teams generated less than 20%. In fact, if you took out Toronto and Montreal from that equation in 2007, the remaining 4 Canadian teams generated less than 10% of the NHL's revenue

Fourth, the myth that people in Canada want this. In 2000, the Canadian government proposed a bill to use public funds to help stabilize Canadian franchises, the backlash was huge and the bill was quickly dropped. In July 2009, Hamilton radio station did a poll and found out that while 93% were in favour of the Coyotes moving to Hamilton, 84% were against the use of public funds to renovate Copps Coliseum. During the Coyotes bankruptcy trial, Balsillie admitted that while he received deposits for 13,000 season tickets, less than 2,000 actually carried through on the full purchase because they felt the prices were too high In the early 90s, in an effort to make themselves financially viable, the Jets increased season ticket prices 10% and 45% of their season ticket base cancelled. The decreased the price, they won the fans back. The new price would have moved them from 2nd last in prices to 5th last.Calgary has had similar issues this past decade when trying to raise ticket prices. The notion that Canadians will go broke to purchase hockey tickets is a fallacy.

Finally, Americans prefer to watch Americans. Putting more teams in Canada will not help get a bigger TV contract, or attract bigger US sponsors. That's where the money is. Putting another team in Canada does very little economically to the league. When the Senators arrived, merchandise sales in the Ottawa area went up a whopping 3%. When the Nordiques moved to Denver and the Jets moved to Phoenix, merchandise sales in both cities stayed constant. When it comes to merchandise and TV deals, there is no money to be made in Canada. When Phoenix got their team, merchandise sales in Arizona were up 1300%. When Nashville got their team, the sales of NHL merchandisze in Tennesse was up 900%. You won't get numbers like that in Canada and those are the numbers that current NHL owners look at.

You will be hard pressed to find an area in Canada where people have the financial wherewithal to support a team for 41 games a year (plus playoffs) AND have the corporate support necessary to put a team over the top outside of Toronto. Your Ad Here

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