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Sara Said:

Is there a market for hand embroidered ladies and gents garments for sale in UK,USA at reasonable prices?

We Answered:

Welcome to the very First Garments Textile Group. GarTex@Yahoogroups is a Largest Online searchable business (B2B) directory & yellow pages of India which has Indian & Foreign companies maintaining the list of Indian exporters, importers & service providers, foreign exporters, importers & service providers.

Melanie Said:

What is the best site or place to post Grocery Market for Sale - in Oregon USA?

We Answered:

If the market is in one of the larger towns, such as Portland., Salem, Bend or Eugene, I would say visit a local real estate office and see who has the majority of the business listings of this type, and list with them. If it's in a small town, I would either list it with the local agency but ensure that they are willing to do listings and ads in places where people might be looking for business opportunities and to move to Oregon, such as from San Diego or the L.A. area. I would consider talking to some other Hispanic business owners in your area as there are a lot of families in this community that are looking for business opportunities and to move to Oregon.

Craig Said:

I have rec'd emails to collect money as work as home jobs for out of USA businesses. Are theses scams?

We Answered:

These types of "jobs" are scams - this is how they work:
They ask you to collect the checks from their customers here in the US. Then you send them the money minus 10% or whatever your pay is. You do get checks from someone to deposit. You get a 1000.00 check, you keep 100 and send them a check from your account for 900.00. These checks were actually sent from the company that originally contacted you and what they have just done is get 900.00 from you as the check they sent will come back as NSF or Account Closed.
Do not ever go for this type of scam! If they were a legitimate company they would have an account in the US. You could also get yourself involved in money laundering and be prosecuted for it - ignorance is not an excuse when it comes to these scams.
If you want a true work at home job then you must work for it - no one gives away money for nothing and if you have to pay someone to start up it is illegitimate too. There are some good work from home jobs but the money is realistic - you will not get rich quick but you can earn a steady income if you just need to supplement your spouses income or need a little extra at the end of the month.
The very very best to you and run, don't walk, away from this scammer!!

Travis Said:

What is necessary for the legal sale of firearms in USA?

We Answered:

First you will need to get your FFL (Federal Firearms License). Second, I would call your local police department and/or check your state constitution to make sure you have all the laws and regulations in line - might want to have an attorney with you when you review the laws and after developing a business plan. Lastly, check with your state/local chamber of commerce and get information for such businesses. That should be a good start.

P.S. when you get your FFL you should get some information in regards to shipping, buying, and selling across state lines (if not, request it). Certain states have certain laws, and you will need to abide by them when shipping or selling to a resident in that state. Your Ad Here

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