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Commercial Businesses For Sale

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Hilda Said:

commercial properties for sale that are owned by private C-Corporations?

We Answered:

See a commercial Real Estate Agent.

nothing is for free.

especially in business

Suzanne Said:

How do I find commercial properties for sale or purchase commercial real estate in the San Francisco Bay Area?

We Answered:

Short answer: Legally you can use your residential agent/ broker, but you should use a commercial real estate broker or commercial real estate agent (would also be a good idea to find a local commercial real estate broker in San Francisco who will meet you face to face.)

Commercial real estate is a highly specialized niche in the real estate business. There are far fewer agents and brokers practicing commercial real estate, but the licensing requirements are the same as with residential (A real estate license allows one to practice both Commercial Real Estate and/or Residential Real Estate.)

When you decide to choose a commercial real estate broker, you then should decide what product type you are interested in purchasing. Commercial real estate brokers often further specialize in certain product types. For example, Multifamily, office, industrial, retail, shopping center, land, agriculture, hotel & motel, senior housing, health care, sports & entertainment, special purpose, or even residential income.

Good luck… Commercial real estate can be an exciting business.


Thomas Said:

What is the best way to find a spa or salon for sale without ebay or other things?

We Answered:

well, generally they lease commercial buildings (defined period with contract) not rent, and your local realtor can help you with this since lots of major realty companies list these "commercial lease buildings".

if you were looking to buy an ongoing business, such as a spa or beauty salon, then your best bet is to start in the major newspaper's classifieds "businesses for sale" section. There are also a few firms that specialize in buying and selling of businesses only, but i don't know where you are, nor can i recall any names at the moment. try searching for " sell your business" on the net, maybe you'll get some compnanies that specialize in that. good luck!

Peter Said:

what are some good websites to find businesses for sale and to find commercial rental space?

We Answered:

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