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Edith Said:

I'm looking for a good paying opportunity but it's not happening?

We Answered:

Well, you do have some choices...

First, let me agree with you that communication degrees are one of the most difficult degrees to market. Generally, they are a pre-cursor to a law degree. There just isn't enough core business hours to get your foot in the door unless you had a double major in business.

1. If you are truly bilingual Spanish/English consider relocating to the sunbelt to capitalize on that skill. We have a HARD time finding people that can communicate in both languages. Target firms that cater to the Hispanic market - HEB, Eagle, etc. Or investigate the same kind of firms in Atlanta. And, you're right - to get a communication management position you need at least 5 solid years of experience with a large portfolio of your writing samples and publications.

2. Look at other careers. Human Resources is a good place for communications people. Just expect that you will have to take some additional hours to become successful. But, if you can land a job in HR you can expect to make $50-60K withing 5 years.

3. Breaking into the ad industry... you gotta know someone that knows someone, etc. Try contacting your professors at your college and see if they will help you through their sources.

4. As a last resort, target companies that turn and burn their communications folks - utility companies, retail, state and federal agencies.

Lee Said:

I'm waiting in this cell because I have to know... have I been guilty all this time?

We Answered:

I think the NHL has to get its house in order before it can consider further expansion.

There are teams in trouble that need to be fixed first. It may take relocation in some cases so that problem should be fixed first.

Phoenix is obviously an issue, and Atlanta and Tampa may become one. Ottawa also scares me, acording to Lity's numbers they lost 22 M last year. They have a good owner in Melynck with deep pockets but how long can they sustain those type of losses.

Possible expansion relocation sites;

In Canada there is realistically only one. Southern Ontario and probably Toronto is better than Hamilton. If New york can support three teams, then Toronto can easily support 2. Quebec and Winnipeg both have the population base but not the Business base to get corporate sponsors, luxury box sales etc. Both need a new arena, Winnipeg has one but it is not big enough, and the Colisse in Quebec is not up to NHL standards anymore. Luxury boxes etc. Both of those teams failed to make money when teams were spending 20-25 Million on salaries.

In the US, I don't know the market that well. Kansas failed before but may be ready for a team now. The pacific Northwest could probably support a team. Houston would be a natural rival to Dallas. Can Cleveland support one this time around?

Not exactly a hockey market but could Indianappolis support a team?

People like to talk about Bettmans failed expansion into the US sunbelt but in my opionion it has been reasonably successful.

Sharks and Ducks are doing fine. they are at or near 100% attendance capacity

Minnisota is selling out, Columbus is hanging in there and after finally making the playoffs should see an attendance rise.

Florida is profitable and Tampa has a fan base, ownership is not stable but that can be fixed.

nashville has had its ownership issues but they seem to be hanging in there also.

I would not mind a 32 team league if all are stable, then you get 16 playoff teams and 16 non. Seems about right.

Carlos Said:

Is it possible that the house you paid for has decreased significantly in value?

We Answered:

Yes it is possible that a house you purchased has decreased in value becasue of the housing market, but not necessarily. Housing prices are subject to cycles in financial markets and some areas have been affected more than others. Local up or downturns are common and based on local economic factors like job availability, pay scales and new business development. National housing trends follow interest rates, population movement (to the sunbelt for example) and the broader economy.

If you want to know if your house has gone up or down since you bought it. Check out to get a general idea, but take their estimate with a grain of salt. The range given is only as accurate as the comparable sales they have. It is more valuable to look at the trend of your specific home on the 1-5-10 year appreciation chart to see whether your house and local area is headed up or down overall in value.

Houses are generally long term investments that you live in. If you like the home you bought and plan to stay for a while, temporary swings in the market will affect you far less than buyers that buy for short term gain only. Check out the numbers for yourself and look at the past history of your market for a solid answer about the effect of the larger housing market on your local market. Your Ad Here

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