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Accept International Credit Card

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Jenny Said:

do they accept international credit cards in SM malls and shops in there?

We Answered:

International credit cards are accepted in most shops in malls in the Philippines. yes, whether for shopping or dining.

You will be charged in pesos but your bill will still be in the currency used by the card issuer. Thus, Aussie dollars in your case.

Word of advice: Do not get offended when the shops ask you for a "valid ID" when you present your credit card. This does look like a rather stupid requirement, and I have never had to present another ID in other countries when I use my cards. Credit card farud is becoming rampant worldwide, and the shops here are just "more responsible". So, do not fret with that little inconvenience of having to show another ID. They are doing that for the protection of the card holders.

Brent Said:

hello i want to buy a t9300 intel mobile, but i live in nicaragua and websites dont accept my credit card?

We Answered:


Jacqueline Said:

How to purchase in Brazil with an international credit card?

We Answered:

No, but keep searching, don't just trust.
I bid on eBay for a product from Brazil, paid through Paypal.
$699. The product never arrived and eBay and Paypal were both worthless for months. I believe I'd have just lost out except that I funded Paypal with my MasterCard, and they reversed my charge and went after the refund at no cost or hassle to me. Watch out. I have been a Chartered Financial Consultant for 20 years and I barely survived this one.

Kristina Said:

How can an international charity accept credit card payments?

We Answered:

I am assuming your question regards payment acceptance from US donors, so my answer will focus on that. To accept payments online in the US, for both commercial and non-profit entities, you will need either your own merchant account or a third-party payment processor.

Having your own merchant account will provide the lowest payment acceptance rates - currently no more than 2.19% + $0.25 per transaction. In order to set up your own merchant account in the US, you will need your organization to have a legal presence here. In other words you will need at least a subsidiary to be registered in the US and to have a bank account and address here.

If that is not an option, you can open an offshore merchant account, which will allow you to accept payments in the US, biut at substantially higher rates - 5% - 6% or more per transaction. The upside is that you can set it up without having to incorporate in the US. To locate offshore merchant account providers, simply Google "offshore merchant account providers".

The third option is a third-party provider like PayPal and they will not be cheap either. You can visit their pricing page and see if you can find your rate. It might be lower than an offshore merchant account but the downside is that they tend to overprotect and freeze accounts for no good reason.

Terry Said:

in dubai if i go for gold shopping, does the gold shops accept international credit cards?

We Answered:

Yes they accept all major credit cards.
You can take gold if you are wearing it on you as much as you want but dont get too obvious. You can only take Rs 30,000 worth of gold if packed in your suitcase.
But if you declare it you can take any amounts of gold .

Maria Said:

How to know that the website am buying from accepts international credit cards ... ?

We Answered:

Most sites, based in the US, will generally accept Mastercard, VISA, Discover, and AMEX. I would guess that newegg wouldn't. Go to their website and it should list acceptable payment methods. If not, try giving their customer service number a call or email them.

What type of credit card is it? As far as I know, VISA and Mastercard are accepted pretty much worldwide. Other cards, due to where the companies are based and whatnot, are less guaranteed around the world. Your Ad Here

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