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Apply Credit Card On Line

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Louis Said:

i apply credit card at on-line?

We Answered:

If you do not activate or use your card, then you will not become legally responsible for any fees under your Agreement.

This is your way out. They are saying that you are not responible for any fees if you do not activat or use your card. I would call and tell them that you do not want this credit card and they need to cancel this account ASAP.

Before applying for any sub prime card, check out the site below for impartial information on sub prime credit cards.

Erica Said:

How can i apply for the KMART credit card on-line?

We Answered:

check these links, you might even find a better card but there's plenty of advice throughout if you have time to read:
good luck!
if it helps please remember me cheers

Clayton Said:

how can i apply for credit card on line?

We Answered:

Google 'best credit card offers' and then you can see what all is offered. But be careful, lots of high interest rate ones exist of you have little or no credit, or bad credit. Do you get offers in the mail offering you some credit? It can take up to 7-10 business days to receive your card after you are accepted.

Tina Said:

I need to find a credit card I can apply for on-line and get the account number?

We Answered:

One word 'Impossible'!!

Hilda Said:

how to apply on line credit card for self employed?

We Answered:

Just fill in the form as accurately as you can. One of the criteria they'll look at is how long you've been self employed and how much you've made. It's all about credit worthiness.

Barry Said:

Is it safe to apply for credit cards on-line? Why does your credit score go down when checked after 3 times?

We Answered:

As long as you are on a secure credit card company site, yes it's safe.

Anytime your credit is pulled be someone that you have applied to your score drops between 3-5 points.

The only exception to this is when you apply for a home or vehicle, then all applications within a 14-day period are lumped together and only count as one. They all show but your credit only takes one hit. This doe's not apply to credit cards.

Randall Said:

If you apply for a credit card on-line and approved, does the screen immediately show that you are approved?

We Answered:

Usually applying online would give you and instant approval.
It would let you know your limit and everything and even give you the account number to use online etc, until you get your card.
Only rarely would you get an approval by mail.
If it states you will be contacted via mail it usually it is a decline letter stating you have the right to a copy of your credit report.

Make sure your offer says "pre-approved" and not just "pre-selected" Pre-approved means you have credit in good standing with them and you have already passed an initial credit screening. Pre-selected could be sent to anyone. They haven't had a peek into your credit but maybe you have done business with them in the past somehow and they just "selected you" to get a solicitation. Your Ad Here

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They all show but your credit only takes one hit. This doe's not apply to credit cards.