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Wallace Said:

what credit card can i get approved for if i have no credit?

We Answered:

A secured credit card is the easiest thing to get.
Department store cards are a good way to start building a credit careful with them though or you'll be sorry! It's gonna be harder right now because of the "credit crunch", but lower your standards if all you're trying to do is get started, and remember something most people don't even know...the more inquiries you have show up on your report (that is times you apply and people pull your social), even if you didn't get approved, the worse it is for you (don't try to understand's pretty backwards, but it's the way it works) so make a list carefully before you just go out there shopping for credit.
If all else fails, you can start by getting someone to co-sign a fairly small loan for you at a bank and paying it back ON TIME each month...that will give you instant credit. If you don't trust yourself to be good about it...don't spend the money you borrow and use it instead to build the credit and pay back the will cost you a small amount in interest to do this but it will work.

Bessie Said:

What do Banks use to determine your worthiness for a credit card?

We Answered:

Well, they usually look at your FICO score...

B/c really, take this: when you apply online for a credit card, say AMEX, and they say, we'll give you an "instant decision in 30 seconds." Well, does the automated computer system take into consideration that you're doing good on this credit card, or you're paying good on this car payment? No, they don't. The online system does not look at the specifics...

Also, when you put yearly income, you can put basically whatever you want, because they (the credit card company) are legally not able to ask your employer your income. So, go ahead, add an additional $15,000 to your annual income.

Oh, if you're new to credit, Capital One is good at giving credit cards to new credit customers.

Good luck! =]]

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