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Apply Prepaid Credit Card

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Marvin Said:

where online does someone have to go to apply for a prepaid credit card?

We Answered:

walgreens walmart or any amscott
I if I were you would not trust the online thing to much fraud out there.

Andrew Said:

how do i apply for a prepaid credit card from westernunoin in montreal?

We Answered:

Just walk into one of their offices/outlets and ask!

What else can you do?

Good luck with that!

Claude Said:

Applying to university - prepaid credit card?

We Answered:

It depends what card you are getting. For instance something like this Visa Prepaid Card is impossible to tell apart from any credit card:

Manuel Said:

Can a minor apply for a prepaid credit card in the Philippines?

We Answered:

I don't think so..

Janet Said:

what is a good prepaid credit card and does it help with credit score?

We Answered:

No a prepaid credit card will not help you, you are not "borrowing" money and repaying it.

Start with a secured credit card, go to the bank or credit union that you do business with and ask them if they have one, deposit $300-$500 into an account, use the card for small purchases each month and pay it off in full.

After a year, apply for an unsecured credit card again.

Freddie Said:

Is it possible to apply online prepaid credit card for bad credit people?

We Answered:

Yes. credit card company uses encryption known as Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) for secure transmissions. SSL provides confidentiality between 2 communicating applications, such as your PC and our corporate Internet server. When your data is transmitted over the Internet, it is encrypted at the sending end and then decrypted at the receiving end. All online application information is kept on a secure server and protected by multiple firewalls. As an added precaution, we monitor for security breach attempts.
you can get a best prepaid credit card for bad credit people from:

Bob Said:

Anyone know any sites where I can apply for a prepaid credit card without giving them my SSN?

We Answered:

I believe under the Patriot Act banks are required to have your social security number as a precaution against money laundering. Your Ad Here

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