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Best Canadian Credit Card

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Adam Said:

How the U.S recession can affect Canadian credit card holder?

We Answered:

The Canadian banks hold US bonds, stocks and banks. If they lose money in US they usually try to make more money in Canada by raising interest rates and bank fees. They have to make high profits to keep thier shareholders happy. The Canadian interest rate are higher than US and Bank of Canada has cut prime rate by 0.25 while Federal Reserve has cut by over 2.0. The Canadians banks also do not face subprime mortgage crisis as in USA.

Ruben Said:

Who has the best Canadian credit card rewards program?

We Answered:

prhaps something here
good luck!
if it helps please remember me cheers

Theresa Said:

which is the best canadian credit card with air miles looking for 1 dollars spent = 1 airmile?

We Answered:

If you haven't needed a credit card up until people have been telling you that you need one, don't worry about it. You really don't 'need' one. The only reason that I got my credit card (aside to help with my credit score!) was for emergiencies-and that was at my family suggestion. I ended up applying for a card through my bank/federal credit union. They will be easier than any other place, especially if you have been with them for a while. Make sure you have NO annual fee. Aside from that, pick and choose.…

Oscar Said:

What Canadian credit card offer the best cashback per points price/value?

We Answered:

PC isn't bad, you get 10 points for every dollar spent and can redeem 1,000 points for one dollar after you've accumulated 20,000.

Example, if you spent $100 you will accumulate 1,000 points which can be redeemed for $1. Basically we're talking about a 1% cashback program here (possibly 1.5% - I'm not sure if it's an EXTRA 5% for shopping at Presidents Choice participating stores).

I like the Citi "Drivers Edge" card, which has 2% which can be put against the purchase of a new or used car.…

or the Citi Petro-Canada card which offers $0.02 off every litre of fuel (when gas was below $1.00/L this was a better deal at about 2%, now it's closer to 1.5%).

There's also the Amex "BlueSky" rewards card which essentially offers 1.25% back on rewards, primarily focused on travel.…

Shop around, decide what sort of rewards you are after. Just don't forget that at 1 or 2% you'll need to spend $100,000 to get that $1,000 or $2,000 in rewards, so its going to take a little while.

Pauline Said:

best canadian credit cards?

We Answered:

the capital one no hassle reward mastercard is not bad, also take a look at the cibc shoppers drugmart visa

Alfred Said:

What canadian Bank/issuer offers the "Best" VISA Credit Card?

We Answered:

Royal Bank, Scotiabank, CIBC and TD Bank offer Visa credit cards. While National Bank and BMO offer Master Card. The best Visa offer would be highest credit limit, lower interest rate and no annual fee. You have to check if they offer points, insurance for product purchased and insurance for rental car. You have to have good credit rating and preferably account with the bank.

Jacqueline Said:

Which is the best Canadian credit card to take overseas?

We Answered:

No credit history - forget it.
The no foreighn transaction fees are for the big heavy hitters of perfect credit scores.

Amex's card allows no foreign tranaction fees - not sure which one.
Chances are you may not qualify.
A couple of discount brokerage firms also have these - they are no limit cards - Again you won't qualify.
No limit means you could buy a mansion on the card.
Again, these cards require AMAZING credit.
Amex is not taken many places overseas for some reason.

Now I remember - Capital One.
They USED to offer a card without these fees.
And this card may be easier to get.
Go to their website and see if they still offer it.
And if you are under 21, there is not way on earth you will get any credit card.

Additional details:
Sorry - just apply for any credit card
The foreign transaction fee will be about 5% on a regular card.
Go to and find a card you like.
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