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Best Credit Card Consolidation

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Nancy Said:

Does anyone know the best company to use for debt counseling and credit card consolidation?

We Answered:

I've recommended the resource listed below to a number of folks, and they've all been pleased with the results. Just make sure that the company you go with is non-profit and doesn't charge you a fee. If they ask for a fee, go elsewhere fast.

Jeff Said:

what's the best credit card consolidation service?

We Answered:

If you haven't needed a credit card up until people have been telling you that you need one, don't worry about it. You really don't 'need' one. The only reason that I got my credit card (aside to help with my credit score!) was for emergiencies-and that was at my family suggestion. I ended up applying for a card through my bank/federal credit union. They will be easier than any other place, especially if you have been with them for a while. Make sure you have NO annual fee. Aside from that, pick and choose.…

Diana Said:

what is the best credit card consolidation company to go through?

We Answered:

CCCS(Consumer Credit Counseling Service.I went through this program a few years ago.It did not cost me a penny for the program.They negotiated with the banks for me,Told me what my monthly payments would be upfront,handled all the payment distributions and sent me a monthly statement showing where my money was going.They saved me a bundle of money over a couple of years.My credit report showed paid as agreed on evrything that was consolidated through them.It did not hurt my credit but helped me get out of debt.The only bad thing about it is you bring in all your credit cards and have the honor of cutting them up in front of your agent.Is what the banks do not like is people to get on the program and right away apply for more credit cards.Wait until you are out of debt and then you can get what you want.

Good luck

Maxine Said:

who is the best credit card consolidation company? I was looking at care one. Anyone have experience w/ them?

We Answered:

i would just call the creditors and see if they can lower your rates. and what you do is you pay more than the minimum on your cards, when you pay off your lower limited card (lets say it has a limit of $200) when that card is paid off you take the minimum payment of that card and add it to the next and then you should have them paid off.

Stephanie Said:

what company is the best with credit card consolidation?

We Answered:

Credit card debt consolidation counselors are experts with a good knowledge of debt management, budgeting and behavioral patterns of credit card holders. These services are vital for those struggling to manage their credit card debts. Also called credit counseling or debt counseling the credit card debt consolidation counseling brings immediate relief to a credit card holder.

A person seeking credit counseling can get it from two types of organizations. The professional or commercial organizations, and the non-profit organizations. As depicted by its name or categorization, the commercial organizations charge money for their credit counseling sessions and consolidation help on the other hand the non-profit organizations offer free of charge services. Just because the non-profit organizations are free, it doesn't undermine their quality of service. The persons associated with such organizations are thorough experts and have lived the trauma of being under credit card debt themselves and hence bring their vital experience to the credit card holder.

When a person approaches a credit counseling agency, the first thing it will do is to take stock of the situation and get various facts about the credit card debt. The credit counseling agency collects data about the income, expenditure and spending habits. It will guide the credit card holder about budgeting benefits and try to inculcate good financial habits. Read More from:… Your Ad Here

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