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Best Free Credit Card

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Terrence Said:

what is the best credit card to recieve free plane tickets or air miles...stuff like that?

We Answered:

Some of the better rewards cards are the American Express Blue Cash card (not the Blue card, the Blue Cash card), Citi Driver's Edge card, Fidelity Signature Rewards Visa, and the Capital One No Hassle Miles Ultra for Professionals card. (Their reward structures are all different and good for different spending profiles though.)

You can use this rewards calculator to see which of the many rewards cards will pay you the most for your normal spending:

Rosa Said:

what is the best credit card to get with 6 month interest free credit?

We Answered:

Capital One currently have a 0% APR for 6mths

AMEX have 0% also...

Andre Said:

which is the best credit card for interest free balance transfers?

We Answered:

i used moneysupermarket to compare credit card interest rates and virgin cards were the best. At the time they were offering 9 months interest free on transfers and 6 months interest free on new purchases.

Cindy Said:

what is the best free credit report with no gimmicks? and no credit card required?

We Answered:

Absolutely free for the credit report. You can log on and get a free report once a year from all three credit reporting companies (Equifax, Experian & Transunion). I typically pull one report every four months that way I'm continually monitoring my credit. If you log on today and pull a report from all three of them (which you can do) then you'd have to wait until January 2009 to get a free one again.

You can pay $6.95 - $7.95 if you want to find out your credit score; this is completely optional, and does require a credit card if you want to know your score.

Erik Said:

What is the best credit-card free mp3 site that is free of viruses and bugs?

We Answered:

There are none. It's up to you to scan ecerything you download. ]

Gertrude Said:

Which banks are offering Liftime Free Credit Card ?

We Answered:

There are no guarantees that a credit card will not start charging you an annual fee 10 years down the road.
Although, most cards are free to use right now.
Look for any card without an annual fee and you'll be fine.
As to hidden charges - pay in full each month and you'll never pay interest.

Karl Said:

Which is the best credit card to earn free travel?

We Answered:

Normally it's 25,000 points for a free domestic flight.

Different cards earn points at different percentage rates in different categories. One point per dollar (1%) is the most common, but you can do a lot better.

For example, with the Citi Diamond Preferred Rewards MasterCard you can earn 5 points per dollar on your gas, groceries, and drug spending (for the first year) and 1 point per dollar on everything else.

The Citi Professional Card always earns 3 points per dollar spent at restaurants, gas stations, office supply stores, and vehicle renters and 1 point per dollar on everything else. Plus, right now you get a bonus 10,000 points after your first purchase on the Citi Professional Card.

One nice benefit to using Citi ThankYou points is that they can be redeemed for tickets on any airline and you don't have to worry about restrictions.

You can use the free calculator at to find the Citi card that will earn you the most ThankYou points for your spending profile. Your Ad Here

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