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Best Low Interest Credit Card

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Geraldine Said:

Who has the best low interest and high limit credit card?

We Answered:

That's not a bad credit score to have. Try out CitiBank and Chase cards. Both can give you reasonably high limit and oth offer the cards that have 0% APR for 12 months or so. It would be even better if you're registered as a business owner, a proprietor, or LLC manager. Then you can apply for a variety of business credit cards, which generally carry the same perks, but larger credit limits.

Stephen Said:

the best low interest credit card?

We Answered:

good luck until you credit score get to at least 725 . Until then you pay through the nose The credit card industry is really going to be selective about giving out credit cards . even since President Obama sign into law " Bill of Rights" . My advice to you is not to exceed your line of revolving line credit of 15% of your NET income . That means if you bring home $20,000 a year free and clear you lines of credit should be only $3000 only . remember you have other bills to pay house payment , cable , cell phone, food , medical . Creditors will look at this a positive and disciplined approach . If you get laid off and you able to collect unemployment . your unemployment benefits are half your pay so that means your ratio is of credit to income is now jumped up to 30% that not including other bills and obligations

Wayne Said:

best low interest credit card?

We Answered:

The best low interest credit card for a 700 credit score is the Chase platinum visa card. It's fairly easy to get approved and it offers 0% interest for 12 months and 14.24% afterward.
5 months ago

Lynn Said:

What is the best Low Interest credit card?

We Answered:

you might want to go here to compare them, pick one that is right for u

Roberto Said:

Where can I get the best low interest credit card?

We Answered:

There are many credit card companies that offer below 13% ongoing interest rate. The best low interest credit card is probably the Citi Diamond Preferred MasterCard. It offers 0% interest on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months and a ongoing interest rate as low as 10.24%, which is very low. To apply for the citi diamond preferred mastercard or other low interest credit cards, go here:…

Nicole Said:

What is the best fixed rate, low interest, basic credit card for first time card holders?

We Answered:

if you are a student a student card is the best card to get they have low apR, rewards ect., try amex student card, discover student card, u must be in school Your Ad Here

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