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Business Credit Card Comparison

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Charles Said:

What employment position do I qualify for with this resume and experience? Must make at least 34K annually.?

We Answered:

First -
Any HR person reading your Objective will not read past it. The phrase "further my career" means it gets filed in the trash!!!
All this objective says is what can you do for me.
Companies do NOT want to know what they can do for you. They want to know what you can do for them.

Second -
I think you could do well in an advertising agency - you have advertising, management, computer & graphic design skills - all necessary in the advertising world.

Third - making the resume better
Be specific about what computer applications you know - do not just say "variety of computer applications".

Separate out the different types of skills -
database & computer skills,
library skills,
customer service skills,
advertising skills.
Makes it easier to see.

And its not necessary to put ALL your skills into every resume. You have enough here to pick & choose what you put in. You must PERSONALISE each resume for each application.

There is no such thing as a general resume - and this is a very general resume. That means you are not trying hard enough, and tells the company that if you cannot be bothered to do a good job with the resume, then you probably wont do a good job if they hired you.

Let me see if I can rework this resume for you.
Here you go.

I changed this from chronological format - which is what you have - to a functional formet which I prefer. You'll need to redo your objective.
Dont include the university education if you didnt actually graduate. It just tells the employer that you cant finish what you started.
I removed the library skills because they are not really relevant unless you are looking for a library or a legal research job. (And for those you need either an MLS or a paralegal certificate).

•10 years management experience running a small business, including sales, customer service, and marketing

•Handled difficult customers
~Introduced special promotion and incentive programs.
•Strong communication skills used in training employees.
•Ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people including senior management.
•Strong interpersonal and relationship management skills.
•Competent working with a geographically diverse team.
•Administrative responsibilities included data entry, formatting spread sheets, correlating documents, filing, mail service, facsimile and telephone services.

•Proficient computer skills in the Microsoft suite and Adobe applications
•Knowledge CeledyDraw2 and Art Explosion Publisher Pro
•Experience using the Internet/World Wide Web
•Typing 70 WPM, 10-Key at 6,677 ks/h
•Intermediate-Advanced performance in a variety of computer applications (be specific)

•Designed business proposals and provided contracted graphic design services.
•Formatted text documents using QuarkXpress, and inserted graphics.
•Typesetting for articles, advertisements and flyers, fixed type font ligatures.
•Fashioned innovative and effective advertising media using various publishing software.
•Increased sales annually through effectively and efficiently marketing services.

•Performed Management and business administration in advertising, marketing, estimation, scheduling, bookkeeping, customer service, hiring and training employees.
•Experience in a fast-paced, competitive banking environment, providing daily support to two managers
•Daily review and tracking of possible fraudulent account activity, comparison of customer signatures using check logs. Bank recording, distribution of deposit corrections and check receipts, and regular review of various banking documents for accuracy

2005-2007 Desktop Publisher/ Graphic Designer, ENVOY Consulting
2004 Exceptions Clerk I/CCS, East Coast Bank
1991-2001 CEO/Manager/Administrator, Freedom Housekeeping Services

2006-07 Western Washington University, Mountainville, Washington Credits completed towards Bachelors degree in Humanities,
2007 Climate Community College, City Center, California
Pre-nursing certification program

Maureen Said:

How do I find a credit card account that will allow me to accept mail order payments for a small business?

We Answered:

Go to your local Costco and arrange for a merchant account. Their fee structure is the lowest around and their service is the best.

Ella Said:

Palm Centro? [color-glacier white]?

We Answered:

try to visit this site. this is where you can find the specifications of the centro for at&t. the centro has an alarm clock. you can set it on the world clock application. the size of the centro is 4.22" x 2.11" x 0.73" so roughly it has the same height of a credit card and a little longer on the width.

Georgia Said:

recomendations for banking services for my small business...?

We Answered:

I hear a lot of good things about Wells Fargo, Citibank, and Business Bank of California. I don't thing that you can go wrong with any of these. All of them offer complete corporate card programs and bill pay, too.

Also, you don't have to tie your credit card processing to your bank - it is a completely separate service. What most people don't know is that your bank's credit card processing services are usually offered by a completely different company that pays your bank for the customers generated. Look around for a processor that suits your needs and they will be able to deposit into your bank - no matter which bank you choose. Your Ad Here

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