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Business Credit Card Information

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Jerome Said:

Can a business charge a credit card after receiving a statement of zero balance?

We Answered:

Did you complain when they credited your account without your consent? Did you want to "do the right thing" when you noticed their error that was in your favor? No. You saw the "zero" amount, went on the cruise, and thought you hit the jackpot. You knew better. If you *really* want to do the right thing, you'll pay what you owe.

Brad Said:

If you have an online business and someone emails their credit card #, how do you know that it is not fake?

We Answered:

you would try to take money from it them if it doesnt go throgh its fake

Dwight Said:

What is the average credit limit on a business credit card? What information will I need to provide?

We Answered:

First of all you can lend me like $800.00 and you'll be okay. But your credit limit depends on you credit. If you use American Express that darn Charge card, then you are going to get something like No credit limit which looks bad on your credit score. So You might wonna go with so mething that is around $20,000. If any thing goes wrong and you are suddenly out of work or you have to shut your business then you that that thirty that you are saving and stick it on the credit card balance. Remember you won't go over tweny. You will need to provide work history, SSN, and amount you have in savings. If you have a checking account then that will also be helpful.

Joseph Said:

I got a phone call from someone asking me for credit card information. What should I do about it?

We Answered:

No, just hang up.

Enrique Said:

is their a any business credit card that a person can apply for with giving personal information or that does?

We Answered:

Would you loan money to someone if you didn't know anything about them... like... will they pay you back?

The credit card companies are not in the business of giving away money to deadbeats who won't pay it back. Your Ad Here

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