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Canada Bank Credit Card

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Byron Said:

can the bank garnish a tax credit from the government in Canada, for a spouses old credit card?

We Answered:

If he had the credit card at the same bank, yes they can. I would suggest going to a different bank so that does not happen again.

Child tax payments are protected
Universal child tax benefit is protected

Ontario child care credit is not protected
GST credits are not protected
Tax returns are not protected.
Rental opportunity for ontario families in not protected
Working income tax benefit advance payments are not protected.

Meaning that unless its from one of the top two sources, it can be taken from your account along with any pay and anything else that comes into the account for a debt owed to that bank.

If you have a credit card at one bank and an account at another, they cant take anything from your account.

There is no way you can get it back, but change banks ASAP

Andre Said:

Where can I buy a prepaid debit or credit card in Canada? One you can buy in a store or bank with no account?

We Answered:

Citizens Bank of Canada, based in Vancouver, sells a prepaid VISA gift card, you can get it at most Macs convenience store, it's sold in denominations of $25, $50 and $100. There's a fee of 5 or 6 dollars above the amount of the card. Then you go online to to register the card with your name etc. so you can buy things online, you can also check the balance onlline. They also will sell you a card with a larger balance up to $500 if you order a card from them over the phone. I've used their cards and it is really convenient.

Luis Said:

Credit Card Linked to Bank account? Canada?

We Answered:

Yes, all of them. They are called Debit Cards, though. You can rent cars (Enterprise I know for sure as my wife works there) and book hotels with Debit Cards

Wesley Said:

Is it smart to keep an American Credit Card with an American Bank if I now live in Canada?

We Answered:

I live in Canada and winter in the USA. I have both USA credit cards and Canadian credit cards.

When you use a Canadian card in the US you are charged not only for the exchange rate but also a fee for each trans action anywhere from $1.25 to $4 or $5 dollars depending on the amount charged and where.

Of course it works the other way when you use a US card in Canada.

Keep both countries cards and you will be ahead in the long run. They don't mind you having a US card in Canada just watch your due dates and adjust them so you don't have late fees on top of the rest. It takes about 9 to 12 days for the mail to go each way. Also for some reason American companies do not understand postal codes and some aren't even set up for them so that can also cause a problem.

Ricardo Said:

Does an American Bank debit card work in Canada?

We Answered:

If your debit card has a Visa or MasterCard symbol on it. Have the merchant run it as a credit card. You might want to call bank of America and let customer service know that you will be using your debit card in Canada. This way the banks fraud department knows to expect unusual transactions. Also, if your debit card has a visa plus, cirrus or maestro logo symbol, it should also work at atms with a pin.

Ruben Said:

Can I use my Canadian bank card (TD Canada Trust) in Ireland & N.Ireland @ banking machines to withdraw money?

We Answered:

If it is a Visa or Mastercard for sure, otherwise find out from the card company - a quick call should do the trick.

Nancy Said:

Is it possible for a US resident moving to Canada to get credit cards?

We Answered:

Maintain a PO Box at the UPS store in the US. Use that as your US address. Have them ship your mail to you once a month. That way you will have a US street address. It is not illegal at all. SOme people have many addresses. Some peopole have homes all over and have different addresses. It really shouldn't be that big of a deal. Ask the VISA people! Your Ad Here

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