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Canadian Credit Card Application

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Brian Said:

does canada recognize US credit history in determining Canadian credit card applications?

We Answered:

are SS#'s required on canadian applications???

Richard Said:

Should I fill in the Pre-approved Credit Card?

We Answered:

Not this time.

Joel Said:

American resident with both Canadian and US citizenship and I want to acquire a Canadian Credit card.?

We Answered:

I have credit/debit cards for Canada, and the US. All you need is money in the bank, pick a bank it does not matter...and you do need a Canadian address. Also you need ID to prove who you are and your address. It may be necessary to get an ID card from the MTO sort of like a drivers lic but not quite...more like just your name and least that is what I had to do to get my card in Tn. If your family is back in Canada, you must be living somewhere, use that address. This address will be used to mail your statements to and mail your credit card to, so make sure that it is an address that you trust. You can use a family members maybe. Once you have started using your card and made a good impression at the can then ask to have the statements mailed to your main address in the States...hopefully they will comply. Your Ad Here

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