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Cell Phone Credit Card Processing

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Janet Said:

How do I get out of my Sprint cell phone contract?

We Answered:

You have to start by carefully reading your terms of service. To the best of my knowledge they have to let you out of your contract under the circumstances you describe. Try being a little more forceful with them, you have to be affirmative and persistent - but do not use curse words or it could damage any Better Business Bureau complaints. Which is the next thing you can do is file a complaint.

Try different techniques to make a roaming call at your house. Dial numbers using the area code and no area code for example if dialing 555-1111 give you a request for a credit card try 203-555-1111 and 1-203-555-1111 one of these may break that request and get through.

NOW here's the fun part if you can figure out how to connect to calls in roaming mode put your phone setting to roam only. Then make calls as many as long as you can. Sprint will drop you from their contract fast.

As a last resort you can trade your contract off at


Search the web for the term "get out of sprint contract"
and some other resources will show up.

good luck

Vickie Said:

Will paying a cell phone bill with a credit card then paying the credit card bill up my credit?

We Answered:

Best way is to use it for every day things and pay it off in full every month before the due date. And yes your idea about paying the cell phone bill using your card will work.

I have used 3 cards for just about everything I buy every month for the last 2 years and raised my score over 150-points and made several hundred dollars in cash back rewards and never paid a penny in fees or interest.

Not bad for using someone elses money for free.

Derek Said:

If I owe credit card companies money, can they take my money from the bank or anything with my name in it?

We Answered:

Obviously something has happened in your life to cause this, some people have perfect lives and dont understand I guess.

They can not take any of your money so you can open a bank account again. They will always find your number, they will even call your family and neighbors. If you dont pay they will eventually send it to collections, you will get calls from them for a while and then eventually it slows down.

Have you considered filing bankruptcy? If it is bad enough it might be best for you to get a new start and make sure you do things right the next time. It probably would have been a good idea before the car was repo'd

Steve Said:

How to check amount of money must be paid in my credit card, including details of payment?

We Answered:

Anyone unknown that requests that you wire money is usually suspicious. The domain was just created 9/26/08 by some guy named Huang, and it appears that Yahoo may have put a security lock on it ( no longer resolves). So your suspicions may be well founded.

I don't know how to confirm that, but it may be a good idea to call your credit card company and ask if they have suggestions of what to do if you think a bad website got your credit card number. They could close the account and reissue a new card with different number.

Gordon Said:

doing a credit check for a cell phone?

We Answered:

You simply go in with your ID and your SSN number, they should be able to check the credit for you.

Don't expect to know whats in the credit history, or credit score b/c cell phone companies system only comes with 2 possible answers - approved with no deposit OR approved with deposit.

If you don't have any credit history, you most likely be putting nothing down. Its not like buying a car or house. Its just a phone service and they are not that strict.

Just be careful running at multiple places b/c everytime you run your credit, the points come off your score - may eventually come back as deposit otherwise may not. Your Ad Here

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