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Cheap Credit Card Balance Transfer

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Ken Said:

What is my finance charge for next month on my credit card?

We Answered:

APR is annual percentage rate. You divide by 12 to get the monthly rate.

The interest rate is normally applied to the average daily balance (each days balance totaled and divided by the number of days). Makes it kinda hard to figure the actual interest charge but you should be able to estimate.

If you do make the transfer to the 0% interest, make it a point to get the balance paid in full before the 0% offer expires.

Edward Said:

What is the easiest way to consolidate credit card debt?

We Answered:

By using services from a debt relief organization you will stop receiving phone calls asking you for money. You will pay a fixed rate amount every month which will never go up. You won't be dealing with your creditors any more. The "debt relief people" will be paying your bills for you, and your credit card company is out.
You then pay the debt relief company.
lots more here:
good luck!

Ruth Said:

Best credit card? No annual fee? No balance transfer fee? no interest for 12 monthes?

We Answered:

I found a wide choice here.

Ronnie Said:

Will my credit score be effected by transferring my balance to new card?

We Answered:

Very good question -- I can say it will most likely affect your score but not how you might think. Credit score's a complicated beast but you've got 3 factors to consider here in transferring a balance to a new card. Initially transferring your debt from one card to another doesn't affect your score because the amount is the same, in this case you are simultaneously opening a new card which means you have more accounts, and you are presumably adding more available credit.

So what is the net affect of this? Transfer:+0, New Card:-10, More available Credit (1 pt per $1000) so lets say +15 points for an additional $15K of credit, Total change: +5 Points. So depending on how much your total available credit will be on all your accounts you will either have boosted your score or have no change.

Let me share with you my tips that you can use to build your credit score quickly. I raised mine to well over 700 points fro 500 using these steps in less than a year -- :

# Know and Track Your Credit Score (be sure to sign up for the free trial of your credit score tracking listed below. It really helped my get my score up.)
# Never Miss a Payment, Starting Today
# Never use more than 20% of your Available Credit
# Keep Credit Cards that Have No Annual Fees Open For as Long as Possible
# Extend Your Credit Limit on Cards You Already Have before You Get New Ones
# Get Credit Cards that Have CashBack Rewards to Contribute to your Balance
# Transfer Your Balance to a Credit Card with a Lower Interest Rate and a Higher Available Credit-
# If You Think You Are Going to be FORCED to Pay a Bill Late Ask for an Extension or Payment Plan
# Take out a Small Personal Loan and Repay it Over a Year
# Ask Someone With Good Credit if They will Account Shadow you

Read more here:
10-Ways to Boost Your MyFico Score…

When you're trying to build a solid credit score it's important to get a comprehensive view of what is actually effecting it...
Your Credit Score (also known as your MyFico score) is calculated with the following breakdown:
35% - Payment History
30% - Credit to Debt Ratio
15% - Credit History
10% - New Credit
10% - Credit Types in Use

If you excel in one area and lack in another, only fixing the areas which you lack are going to improve your score Your Ad Here

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