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Credit Card Consolidation Canada

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Jill Said:

How do I manage my debt and get into Canada?

We Answered:

I had an experience with Lenders until a friend introduced me to a lender here on answers. I got a loan of $130K to save my home from foreclosure from a reputable loan firm. The name is Cohen Loan Agency with email address It will be ideal you contact them for a loan response today.

Wayne Said:

Can my father take out a consolidation loan for me?

We Answered:

He cannot take out a loan on your behalf. He can either take the loan out in his name or you can apply jointly for the loan. You would probably get a better interest rate with just your father on the loan.

Arthur Said:

Credit/Collections steps - please no spam?

We Answered:

Not sure what the laws in Canada are but in the US it is this. (1) They will cut off your credit and turn it over to collections (2) If it is a large sum for one company they can take it to court (3) If they take it to court the judge can garnish your wages for up to 75%. They can also take everything you own and sell it for payment.

Some credit repair places, the legal ones, can stop the interest and set up a payment plan. You will pay by this plan because your income check will be direct deposit and the money withdrawn from your account. A freeze will be placed on your bank account for the monthly amount of the payment. Your rent, food etc is of no concern for them.

Needless to say, your credit is shot for 7-10 years AFTER the last payment to the last company. You might be lucky and they will just write it off

That is the bad side. Talk to the credit repair folks, get a legal one and not a fly by night group, and they can help..

Calvin Said:

Separation, Bankruptcy and Credit Card Debt?

We Answered:

Look to the government for some support, you're likely able to qualify for food stamps / financial assistance at this point. Call your creditors back and ask for hardship assistance. Tell them that you want to pay the bills off, but at this point if they can't be flexible then you're thinking of bankruptcy. That will get some wheels turning a bit more. Don't be afraid to ask for a supervisor if you don't get what you want, this is your future on the line.

Loretta Said:

Will bad credit in the U.S. affect my credit in Canada?

We Answered:

Yes. You can't get away with it. They will do a US credit check when you apply.

Ella Said:

Debt consolidation???

We Answered:

You should really consider meeting with a credit counsellor. Find an agency near you that you can meet with a counsellor face to face.

They can tell you how different types of consolidation might affect your credit. It really does depend on the type of consolidation as well as your own personal situation (credit score and debt accounts). Your Ad Here

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