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Credit Card Debit Consolidation

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Ken Said:

Does debit consolidation ruin your credit? Whats a good way to paying credit cards off?

We Answered:

You can use this credit monitoring service to pre-estimate future scores for different scenarios of such payments -

Warren Said:

Any one had experience, good or bad, with contacting a Christian Debt Consolidation company?

We Answered:

First of all they are a BAD IDEA from the get-go !!!!!!!!!!!! You can do this all by yourself and it wont cost you a cent !!!! And just because it says CHRISTIAN doe NOT mean it's good!!!! Some of the biggest swindles and rip-offs have been done under the guise of "Christian" !!!!!!!!!!!!!
I will help you if you want. I have helped many. And wont charge you.
First you need to cut up ALL CREDIT CARDS. Then you need to call each credit company and ask to speak to the supervisor, you need to tell them that your current interest rate is way too high & you need to get a much better rate or you'll have to drop their card. (pay on time every month, so they'll want to keep you & always try to pay at least 40% more than minimum due and as much as you can afford!).
Do you have a checking account, I assume you do. If so, go to your bank & ask to open an OVERDRAFT PROTECTION ACCOUNT on it. This will enable you to pay your bills on time and it will keep your credit good as you wont have OVERdRAFTS!!! After you open that, you need to make all your credit card payments AUTO-PAY out of your checking account for at least the minimum due, preferably min.+ $10 each. This way you will NEVER be late on a CC payment and your credit will improve vastly in the next 6 months !!!! Also try to pay something on each card by check when it comes in by snail mail !
Then contrary to what most financial advisers advise, I want you to start paying down your lowest balance as much & as often as you can, if you have $5 extra in change that week, drop it in the bank & send them another check for $5 !!!
Dont buy ANYTHING you can make at home and take with you to work or play !!!! You're on a MONEY DIET !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Make your own Latte, your own muffins, your own lunch !!! Dont buy an pre-packaged foods, make your meals from scratch!!! No movies, barrow movies from friends or the PUBLIC LIBRARY -- they are FREE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All you need is a library card !!!
I can council you more if you are interested, let me know.
I helped one co-worker clean up his credit and within 7 or 8 months he was able to buy his own home (and he was out of serious debt !!!) Aunt Barbie

Alfred Said:

Bad credit without ever having a credit card?

We Answered:

I feel your pain! I too am 26 with pretty bad credit and have never had a credit card. Mine are from medical bills and utility bills that went unpaid because of stupidity. From the time the first thing was put on my credit report its almost been 7 years so its gonna start being removed from my credit report just for that reason. However some of it is a little newer so I plan on paying these companies in order of relevance next month when I receive a good amount of money. I don't know debt consolodation web sites or anything like that. My advice is if your going to start paying things off make sure you have enough money to pay 1 entire item off at a time. I don't really recommend making settlements with the collection agencies because I read that even though you made an attempt to pay off your debt it looks bad that you didn't pay off the entire amount owed. I plan on paying off the most recent debts before paying off the older ones because chances are the older ones will fall off my credit report before I can pay them off.

Florence Said:

Have you ever used a debit consolidation?

We Answered:

I don't think you need to worry about using such a method. First of all, you don't even know what the method is called--it is "debt consolidation"--not "debit consolidation". Secondly, I can't see how this could possibly save you stress. Can you store stress in a jar? Debt consolidation, when done correctly, can save you money. It can only reduce future stress if you don't think you will be able to make at least the minimum payment to your creditors. Of course, I know that you aren't paying only the minimum. I mean, who would? So, debt consolidation is beneficial if the new interest rate is less than your current interest rate.

Laurie Said:

Credit Consolidation?!?

We Answered:

try good luck

Kirk Said:

any good credit card consolidation companys?

We Answered:

I get a card for a yr interest free.I use it for a year and pay it off before the year is up.Then I stop the account and get another interest free card for another year and do the same thing.I've been doing this for 10 yrs and the applications for credit cards still keep coming in the mail. I wish I could help u out but I don't know what to tell u except that there are free counseling places to give u advice..Good luck

Russell Said:

Has only one had good experience with a debit consolidation?

We Answered:

To be honest, I checked out quiet a few debt consolidation places that were not very reliable. We went ahead and started bankruptcy proceddings. We may have it all wiped off or pay a little extra each month, much lower than those companies. Either way, your credit is screwed for awhile. Most lawyers are free to talk about it initially, so try talking to one of them first. Your Ad Here

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