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Credit Card Fraud Crime

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Brent Said:

I am majoring in Economic Crime (credit card fraud, white collar crime etc.) and want to do a double major....

We Answered:

It all depends on what you want to do after you graduate! I would think that it's better to have a broader education and stick to just one (1) major because you never know what other knowledge you'll need but that depends on what you plan to do with your life.

Tara Said:

credit card fraud why don't you get to know who stole of you ??

We Answered:

I hate them! My sister had her identity stolen a few years ago (she was a student) and the t*at that was stealing her identity ran up a bill of 600 in her name. We managed to get it sorted but it was frustrating not to find out the individual who did it. However, we had our suspicions it was the person who previously owned the flat as she was a criminal herself. I think it should be disclosed but it isnt probably because of protecting the persons rights who stole it!

Esther Said:

What kind of punishment am I looking at for this particular case of credit card fraud?

We Answered:

coooool story, brao.

Leslie Said:

credit card fraud - do the police care any more?

We Answered:

In UK, if a card is used fraudulently, the bank is the victim as they are the ones who lose the money (I know it seems counterintuitive). The bank therefore has to formally make the allegation. They also have to provide the evidence in the form of transaction dates, places and amounts in statement form from their computers in order to 'prove' the offence.

There is no onus on the banks to do so which means the cardholder ends up running between to police and bank basically doing the bank's job for it. You should find that if you report fraudulent transactions to police, they will take a report but, as I say, the bank has to cooperate with police in order to take it further.

As regards theft of the actual card, if you read the small print, the card belongs to the bank and is only lent to you. This is why when you tender a card that is over the limit or there is some suspicion about it, the tenderee can seize it or destroy it on the bank's instructions.

Bill Said:

How do I report some one who is committing credit card fraud?

We Answered:

Get the numbers and the companies that she is using for the cards. Then contact the companies and their fraud departments. They will freeze the accounts. Give them her information. From there they will prosecute civilly and criminally.

EDIT: The FBI is not going to waste time on a petty thief. So don't listen to anyone who tells you to call the FBI.

Peggy Said:

Having nothing on your record and getting charged with Debit/Credit card fraud, what is the punishment?

We Answered:

Fraud is a felony and usually comes with jail time.

Bertha Said:

Credit card fraud and statute of limitations?

We Answered:

Gotcha is off base. First of all, the link is to EFT regulations not to FDCPA statutes.
Second, claiming a person only has 90 days from the fraud to act or else the person is "totally liable" - no.
A person has one year (generally from the date they become aware of a violation) to file an action against the violating collector.
If it was from fraud, the person is not liable for it. But that person would have to utilize their rights to make sure they are not held responsible.

Anyway, IF it has been 12 years since the fraud account had gone bad, it should no longer be reporting.
It should have dropped off, and remained off, years ago.
And, there are "no" states that have a 12 year collecting SOL for credit cards

Hopefully you sent them something by mail, and sent certified return receipt, claiming it is not your account and requesting that they show proof that it is (validation).
If you did it by phone, send them a letter. Make them "prove" that it's yours. Do not sign the letter, print your initials or type your name.

When you get the green card back, file a dispute with the CRA's.
You might claim it as not yours and that it is also past the reporting period and must be deleted.

You might click on my profile and do some reading in the links I have provided - the FDCPA, etc. and especially in the last link listed. Your Ad Here

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