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Credit Card Fraud Investigation

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Sheila Said:

what takes place in a credit card fraud investigation?

We Answered:

They cannot charge you for something you have not done. Its a tricky business and they lose alot of money as well. You need not pay if you have been charged wrongly for it. Bye

Janice Said:

i was wanting to find out what the procedure is for credit card fraud investigation?

We Answered:

You need to file a report with your police department and go to Experian, Equifax and Transunion's websites. They all have a place on the website for you to report it so they can start an investigation. I would also contact the credit card people and tell them what is going on and request all account information. Good luck.

Alan Said:

What if you can't remember if it's credit card fraud or not?

We Answered:

Your dispute will be limited to the credit card company and their fraud department and not the government. If you applied for an ACCOUNT you would have had to sign something. They should have a digital copy of that. Ask to see it.

You will not go to jail, but you may be harassed for a few years by collectors.

Ken Said:

I have been under investigation for Credit Card Fraud in which I double swiped about 10 credit cards.?

We Answered:

Where's the question?

If you just want to express your remorse for being a thieving buffoon, well... I guess you accomplished that. Plus, work on your spelling and grammar. Life is too short to be pulling nonsense like this.

Roger Said:

credit card fraud with capital one?

We Answered:

Somebody called into Capital One last September, and had the billing address on my Visa Signature card changed.
When I called to get the address corrected, and to get a new card issued, the representative suggested I put a telephone password on my account so it wonít happen again.
I would advise you to also add a telephone password.

Also make sure that your account information is correct, and that your statements are not being diverted.
That said, Iíve had plenty of fraudulent activity over numerous credit cards, and the credit card companies always removed the fraudulent charges.
I donít think much effort is put into criminal investigations, but Iíve never had $2,000 in fraudulent activity.

Capital One *IS* very good about picking up activity outside the U.S.
Whenever I leave the country, I call in beforehand to make sure they donít shut down the card due to overseas charges.
Good Luck!


Cindy Said:

Ex boyfriend committed credit card fraud?

We Answered:

If I think like the credit card people, for $165, I wouldn't bother.

If you're hoping it will get him in trouble, you are going to be disappointed.

That's why credit cards charge the big rates, to cover things like this. Your Ad Here

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They all have a place on the website for you to report it so they can start an investigation.

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They all have a place on the website for you to report it so they can start an investigation.

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i was wanting to find out what the procedure is for credit card fraud investigation?

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Credit Card Fraud Investigation

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