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Credit Card Fraud Penalties

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Pedro Said:

what is the penalties for credit card fraud under 1000.00? in florida?

We Answered:

You should read Florida's state statues for credit card fraud.
Or speak with a lawyer.

Angel Said:

credit card fraud penalties?

We Answered:

Up to 10 years in prison. The amount isn't relevant to the crime, only the sentence.

Neil Said:

what is the penalty for credit card fraud in California?

We Answered:

Jail! Duh!

Allan Said:

Credit Card Fraud Penalties?

We Answered:

most likely they will charge her with a felony and she will get probation anywhere from 3 to five yeas probation and since she is so close to 18 they will charger her as an adult but she might get lucky and they wont any how due to all the fraudulent schemes going on and it being a credit card they prosecute to the fullest extent and has she been in trouble before ? if this is the first time then the above statement is correct and if she has other charges from before like theft or anything else it shows a pattern of criminal history and the judge is more incline to be more severe with the punishment
but its hard to say what the judge will do it really depends on his mood that day but if it were i i would look for similar cases and see the sentencing ranges for a better guide line
well i hope this helped good luck

Rafael Said:

Penalties for Credit Card Fraud w. more than $1,000?

We Answered:

I have like the same question as yours but like I have 10 answers, lol.. no offense to ya;).
Well.. most of my people said that they will not get caught most likely.
They also said that whoevers credit they stole will not be creditted to the victims account.
And for the last question you have, I don't know what the answer is.
I hope I helped though :).

Btw... never post these kinda questions on the category Credit.
Just post it in laws and ethics since its more related to laws.
And because since its in laws & ethics, its one of the major category.
People would visit in those more than in Credit..
So next time.. post your questions in a big category ;).


Earl Said:

what are the penalties for credit card fraud between 500-1000$?

We Answered:

He would become a felon. The rest would depend on your friends criminal record, if any, and what state he did it in. Your Ad Here

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